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  1. Yeah most of the channels are HD on the media device and my connection is a little bit better if streaming on a non HD ch. I was thinking about getting a better connection anyway. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  2. I can have 5 PCs in the house streaming netflix at the same time and I can still play online games and surf the web with ease. Now once I turn the Media TV live streaming device on it knocks my ping up to like 300-500. I can no longer play any kind of competitive online games at all. Then it takes like a good 10 seconds for a website to load. Any kind of help is appreciated.
  3. Well, I am using my laptop w/ AMD Turion 64 single core 2.0GHz w/ burn speed at 11X. Sticking to the topic, is there a way to burn several movies into one dvd? I know putting more than one movie on one dvd lowers the quality. Lets say I have a movie and its sequel and I want to back both of them into one dvd. do I have to rip movie 1 and 2 into a different format like AVI then back to VOB?
  4. I collect dvds but I do not like to use the original copy, So I back up my movies with dvdshink. But it takes a good 30 minutes to shrink and 10 to burn to dvd. I am planning on getting a new computer. What computer specs should I look for to enhance the process of backing up my dvds?
  5. well my budget is around $600-1000. I am thinking of getting a cheap system from HP for around $200-$300 or so and then pump it up with a kicka*s video card. Or should I build it from scratch? I currently have a AMD sempron 512 ram 60 gb harddrive geforce 4 ti4200 its old and can barely support the decent games that come out. how much can i get with my budget?
  6. hmm, my old computer has one gig ram and its barely keeping up with vista.. does only certain programs/games can take advantage of the dual core processors?
  7. Since I'm on a budget..I don't have too much to spend especially on games. I don't know if I should buy a single core or dual core processor. 2 gb ram, 160 gb harddrive, decent sound card, and a really high end video card. So would I spend more money on the processor or should I spend it on my video card? im on a budget.
  8. My friend is buying a new laptop and he is getting rid of both his old laptops and he is giving one of them to me. Which would should I take from him? Dell Latitude c610 Specs: Pentium III 1000mHz processor 128mb sdram 10gb hard drive 14'' screen ATi Rage Mobility M1 video card ESS Maestro 2E Audio CD-ROM optical drive Battery Adaptor and the other is Acer Travelmate 233X specs: Intel Mobile Celeron 2.0GHz 265mb Ram Intel 845GL with 8MB shared memory 14.1" screen 30GB Harddrive 1.44'' floppy CD-ROM No-battery Adaptor
  9. I can't seem to play most of the new games because of its 128 MB Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 series video card. Is it possible for me to upgrade to a better video card?
  10. I uninstalled some unwanted programs that came with my HP Pavilion Laptop. Now my DVD-ROM drive in my computer is gone. Even if I put a disc into the drive it doesn't run. I went to Device Manager and check CD/DVD-ROM drives are working properly. How can I my drive to work again? I don't feel like doing another factory restore, which takes hours. Is there a registry that reactivates the drive?
  11. Is there a program that I can use to see what the temperature of my laptop is going?
  12. Is there any is there any step by step guides to make a flash banner for a website, using photo shop cs2 and flash mx?
  13. thanks, just needed to know the name of that kind of forum edit: oh they are called karma, not forum money, every post that a person makes will send a link to the admin or mod whether to give + or - karma to the person depending on how good the post was.
  14. i don't think there are any wares , mostly pictures and of models and stuff
  15. There is no real currency involved, people share files/programs/pictures for $$ in exchange
  16. here take a look, a friend of mine showed me. www.outie.net you can see that in the forums everone has an amount of $$ under their name. I don't know if I am allow to link to another forum, I will delete post if its not allowed, sorry
  17. Does anyone know what type of forum this is? When a person posts, he or she gets a certain amount of dollars, not real money but money on the forums. Then there is a section where software/pictures/video files are sold for the forum money. The more the person post the more $$ he or she get and the more downloads he or she is able to get with the money on the forums. edit: the money is not real currency of any kind.
  18. thanks it worked, I tried using boot disk and typed /setup it saids cannot run setup in dos mode, then try booting cd it worked.
  19. mine comes on every few weeks lol
  20. is there a way to run setup of xp in dos mode?
  21. when i select new installation, and type in the cdkey and stuff then it saids getting ready to install windows xp, then computer reboots. during reboot blue screen comes out and ask if i want to change fat32 to ntfs i select now, then it ask if i want to partition, then it ask me if i want to delete files on the drive (this takes like 5 secs) it saids deleting files, then it continues installing. when its done i go on to control panel>add/remove program files and i dont see any programs installed, HOWEVER all the programs are still in the programs folder (c:/program files/(all programs are still there)..the only files that are gone are in my documents.
  22. its windows xp and i can get a boot disk from a friend but even if i format c: it wont let me install xp on dos mode
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