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  1. X_6985381,go with the socket 939/AMD Athlon 64/AthlonX2 /Athlon FX Series Processor.Right now for gaming,they can't be beat.the best M/B available(right now) is the Asus A8N32-SLI Premium or Deluxe(2 x16 slots dedicated for video).That and 2GB Corsair XMS PC3500 memory.Make sure you have a kick a** power supply to handle all that load(PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 800 or 1000 watt). DoomLord
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    Thanks,Jamaicarocks. It almost sounds like you have some corrupt files.This may have happened when you shut down after it started to reformat,and that's when your old drive crapped out.Did you do a clean re-install of your O.S. & app's and then restore the data? DoomLord
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    Yeah.... Just watch out for that lightning bolt......
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    Thanks,Tommie! It's always nice to be welcomed when you're a newb.'preciate that!
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    Check your power cable for voltage.If you have power,with no pins broken,and the platters aren't spinning,your drive is dead.You may have to send out the drive for recovery,if the data is really important.If you do get the drive to spin up,check the data cables,and motherboard and drive headers to make sure no pins are damaged. DoomLord
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