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  1. Tell me about it, they don't even supply you with a DVD for your copy of Windows... Just a Dell OS recovery programme on your HD. Lucky I have my own copies Decent prices and delivery though if you can't be arsed building your own etc...
  2. Hey tommie I have tried most things and I've done cablenut and sat on the adjustments for a few days but with very little effect. Having used dial up for years, I was amazed by ADSL connections, now I want faster, some people are never happy I dream of a 20/10 connection, I think I'll move to Amsterdam
  3. I got caught out with this, I live in rural France and was promised ADSL 8Mbps and a relevant upload when I signed with Cegetel, and being only 450 meters from my exchange I foolishly believed them. To my surprise 2432 / 320 Kbps is all they could offer... Since I have changed to Wanadoo.fr I don't appear to have gained any speed, but the connection seems to be more stable. Needing a better upload than the 210Kbps I average, I asked / begged my ISP if there was any way I could have a lower download, and increase the up "impossible" I was told. Can any of you knowledgeable types confirm this???
  4. Hello, SuDsY here, new to testmy.net (although I've been using the tests for a while) I've got a couple of questions you guys may be able to help with / laugh at me for asking... Living in rural France I am subscribed to the fastest ADSL package I could get through Wanadoo.fr 2432 / 320 Although I often obtain 90% of the providers average on my downloads, I am struggling to get close with my upload, often only getting between 200 and 260. I've done the Cablenut thing and had a tweak here and there, and I have noticed a difference. As I play a lot of Halo on Xbox Live the upload if of prime importance when it comes to hosting and playing. Now I have to opportunity to have 2 ADSL connections, 1 through Ethernet modem / router, and 1 through a USB modem. Sounds unlikely, but is there anyway of sharing these 2 connections on my PC network so that they are both used for internet connectivity at the same time...?
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