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  1. how can i see the "real time" performance for one speed test? after they complete i csn see the graph of saved trests. but, whati want to see is a graph of the second by second progress of the last test done. so, i can see min max and variance.
  2. with the latest policy changes , has there ben an increase in "overhead data" wcross the board.? im suspecting that dnld could be waiting for upload(affecting speeds for all sites and pages...) same speed but theres more overhead. if ypour upload is 100kbps(like mine) do you think that maube that BW cant handle the up-side thruput and is slowing down the entire speed test? secondly, compressed data will mess up your testing pretty good so dont do it unless you are in the clear. finially the realtime data graph at testmy.net .. if you average all the points then you will get a number similar to other sites(higher) but ith internet does not work on averages, neither does engineering. it works between the peaks and valleys. ive seen tests wjhere the REALTIME data shows 200kbps for 90% of the test and then a spike of 60 or so for 10% of the test(60 mbps is not possible on my connection, not even close) and yhe average of it is around 1 mbps, the average isnt totally irrelevant but once your realtime drops below functionality, the average IS irrelevant. zero is zero is zero and no amount of averaging will make the zeros npot zeros.
  3. what is the top graph graphing in this speed test?
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