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  1. That is really very kind of you CA3LE, I am trying to figure out what company to jump to and here it is just pure pain, you're not sure of coverage, not sure of speed, quality, you just gamble and pay a fortune and sometimes you get nothing, depends on luck. If you live here and look at the longer list of ISPs you will notice several names that belong under one name, I don't know why this is happening but it give you some idea about the chaos around here, there are results (ISP names) that I can't identify at all, just generic names, but that is not your fault of course. Thank you for your help CA3LE
  2. How would you pick the best ISP using this site? I mean averages of some companies include slow offers 1 or 2 or 3 or 4Mbps or other areas in the city not covered by the higher speeds I could access When you look at speeds history you can't tell what subscription the user is using, is it slow because the user subscribed to the lowest offer or the quality of his high speed offer is low. Also some companies have several names, each name has different results. Is there a better way to compare between ISPs?
  3. Understanding this site

    Thank you! I appreciate your help.
  4. Understanding this site

    Thanks CA3LE What about the first number? (attached)
  5. Please make all ISPs operating in a country available in one place? I only see top 3 of them, I wish I could see a list of all of them where I can arrange them be speed. Thank you
  6. Understanding this site

    When I make a test or search providers, you give me the average speed of my provider 2.5 Mbps When I click on my provider I see "Average Download Speed: 3.9 Mbps" Then below it, "Current Download Speed Index: 14.6 Mbps" Why 3 values? what is the difference between them? which one should I consider?
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