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  1. Hello I have been using testmy net many times namely to illustfate to my provider Virgin that they do not perform any where near their headline speeds offered across their contracts. Submitted 6 months data of regular auto test results but their response was 1 We cannot accept results form such as testmy.net. I advised them that if I were to lodge a breach of contract under Consumer legislation, that "defense" would not be accepted and they would have to show why. To my knowledge no provider be it internet services or the kit can ignore proffesional test results presented and based on an accepted industry method of measurement. 2 A curious reaction. Where the average had been at 40% of the headline rate it climed to just around 50%. Now that I am not checking it over the past few months the average has dropped to below 35% unless and until I persist with an auto test running in background. THat keeps the speed up. Without that it drops to 5 and less. 3 I suspect Virgins veracity and would like to check' persistantly and at random ( rather than regularliy every 10 minute, 30minutes or say 2 hours,,,,)? How can that be done ? Regards John Perreur-Lloyd
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