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  1. Hi! I'm new here, I just upgraded to 8MB tier service from Comcast today, I'm very happy with the results I got; Your connection is: 8787 Kbps or 8.79 Mbps You Downloaded at: 1073 kB/s Your connection is: 736 Kbps or 0.74 Mbps You Uploaded at: 90 kB/s But I was just wondering, which cablenut file are you guys using from VanDuer's package, I'm not sure as to which MTU or the preceeding I should use for my 8MB tier, Thanks!
  2. I wish I had Verizon FiOS, I had someone send me a file yesterday @ 250kbps from FiOS.. Oh well ;(
  3. I've actually been having a few problems connecting to TW Teleglobe, & Qwest networks, Not sure what those ISP's you posted are as I am at work & I don't have the time to trace them.
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