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  1. What does NFW mean?

    Thank You Respected CA3LE the admin and creator of this very helpful for internet users the Website! It would be a great honor to befriend such sharing his knowledges and heping people worldwide..my URL on facebook.com/Bob.Tallon.98/ ..If You can help me and later many in a community of robbed clients by monopolistic providers here in Kazakhstan, it would be more great..If we win we can win big money which will be useful in making the world better for internet users...again Respectfullyand Hopefully Bob Tallon
  2. What does NFW mean?

    Respected Steve and Ben! You should have a look at my facebook URL facebook.com/bob.tallon.98 I do not mind punishing a big ISP with suing but I need friends wishing like too..We should unite and grow in strengh..It seems moderator has deleted my topic "money" I placed on forum today few hours ago right after first time became the member of "our" community..Seems they just gather information with thé aim You mentioned hère..Lets sée what democracy is next here..would théy delete even the reply or kick me out for troubles on future..Seems thats why they let only a look at thé saved test result file with no possibilité of downloading it..Though great fréé work opening eyes of usées, if one said A then say B if telling ABCs
  3. What does NFW mean?

    steve23094 1 Members 2 posts Posted February 10 · I got your link and am using it now. Thanks very much for your quick and helpful reply. I use OS X and was looking for a native app, the only one I could find was called 'Network Logger Pro'. Unfortunately I had to return it for a refund because I just couldn't get on with the interface, it wasn't designed well at all. Your website is most useful and well laid out, keep up the good work. I'm curious how you make money, do you sell the data back to ISPs? I'm okay with this I'm just wondering out loud. You and Ben Williams like this Unlike this
  4. Money

    Why not help me punish a monopolist mobile provider and to earn fine money 50% mine&50%Yours..We need international law organization on protection consumer's rights ..You Esteemed TestMyNet need money to become stronger..as well as me..my URL Facebook.com/bob.tallon.98/ Respectfully Bob ..Kazakhstan-Russia
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