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  1. Come on, are you not reading what I wrote there? I did not ascertain my internet speed just from the ookla results. I mentioned that after my testmy.net results were complete, I downloaded something, and I got proper speeds there! That proves that testmy.net was wrong for me. According to a 5 mbps connection, I should be getting around 640 kb/s speed, and that's what I got. But testmy.net should my download speed 241 kb/s.
  2. I just created an account for saying this... TestMy results seem to be wrong. In a download speed test, it took so long to download a 42 MB test file... and it showed me a speed of 1.9 MBPS. I have a 5 MBPS connection. And ookla speed test is spot on. To verify this I downloaded something else (and it was of size 42 MB too) and I got correct speeds there, and it took much shorter time to download. What does this prove?
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