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  1. How accurate is it compared to testmy.net, ookla and other speed test out there? The reason I ask is it seems very consistent with my download being around 900Mbps and upload being around 920 Mbps with a +/- of 20Mbps and ping at 35ms. It doesn't give me the false numbers ookla does which are always 944Mbps download and 955Mbps upload and 8ms ping. http://speedtest.googlefiber.net/
  2. You are measuring the speed from your device (pc,tablet,phone) to the test server. The ip address you are seeing is the static IP given to you by your ISP. No you cannot connect directly to their server to test your speed unless they put up a test server. The point of doing a speed test it too see if you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for from your Isp or to help you figure out local network issues.
  3. Its showing the response time and quality of DNS servers. If you are having slow internet response and load times this tool could help you by finding a quicker DNS server. It details the DNS server IP Address as well as the, Min, Average,and Max, response time (lowers is better) and the server reliability. Here is a link to give you more detail of what a DNS server does. http://dyn.com/blog/dns-why-its-important-how-it-works/
  4. I do live in a fairly new neighborhood my house was built in 2011 so I would guess it was all ran with fiber. From a cost stand point I would assume they would add fiber to newer developments before they would go back and start dropping fiber in neighborhoods that already have service.
  5. I live in Yukon, OK I just switched from Cox 150Mbps I was Paying $73.99 to AT&T gigabit for 80.00 am month. AT&T has been running a special for a while now $30.00 off and free equipment for as long as you keep service with them. The speed was consistent with Cox. I was with AT&T prior to switching to Cox the reason I switched is because AT&T only offered 40Mbps on fiber and could never give me a date when they would be getting Gigabit. Consistency was good with AT&T then and still is good every bit as good as Cox.
  6. Here is a pic of the results of the 1 hour auto test.
  7. download seems consistent upload is really where it fluctuates. which seems weird because that seems to be the strong point of gigabit even in multithread upload seems to have a higher speed. On speedtest.net 99% of the time my download is around 940mbps and upload is around 980mbs. I think it comes down to the file size on your server only being 100mbps for upload not giving it a chance to get to max speed. I will note I am only paying $80.00 a month for gigabit speeds through AT&T I would expect to see more people switching when service becomes available to them in their area. I bring this up to try and help the site I can set it up to run an auto test for an hour to see how it does. That way there is consistency.
  8. Will this site eventually have gigabit support? The reason I ask is because I feel 200mb download file is too small of a download size it completes in 1-2 seconds and 100mb upload file is too small as well. I don't feel that I am getting the best results possible and upload is every where. Either bit shows 200mbps sometimes jumps to gigabit but mostly crashes and says my speed is over the limit.
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