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  1. nice fttp all we have is cable or the 76mbps fttc
  2. i have 300/20 at home its the fastest speed here
  3. we have had cable in our area for 13 years so as soon as virgin took over in 2006 we had a 5mb down and 0.5 up connection and now we have come all the way up to 220 so pretty good. ive also tried fttc at my house and got 73 down and 18 up and adsl2+ got 15 download. ee 4g is also getting 70mb download speeds
  4. unlucky dude i used to have 76mbps talktalk and because the cabinet is literally at the end of my driveway i got 75 down and 19 up but then i wanted more download to sacrifice some of my upload so now i got my 200mbps connection the ping on talktalk was only like 6 but on virgin its 11 lol
  5. im in england and get a 200mb cable connection from virgin media for £45 with only 12-15mb upload depending on time
  6. heard that most people have bad internet but i think ive always been lucky as ive never had a bad connection and currently have a virgin media connection at 220mbps only paying for 200 so people in uk post your results here.
  7. oh nice i also have virgin media and heres my results
  8. well talk talk is shit i had the 76mbps package and only got around 20-30 switched to virgin media and now get over 200 any time of day
  9. should of got virgin media cable if u could its definitely worth it!!!
  10. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/6060512247 virgin media uk 200mbps lol
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