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  1. Hi Maurice I am also a new member to TMN, TMN is quality! I asked a similar question, Ca3LE explained the long and the short of it me, which made a whole lot of sense. The link attached, I received from CA3LE in his response to me, explains the reasons etc. Hope this helps you Thanks Manoj
  2. Hi CA3LE Thanks, I tried your recommendation, the line reading is 36m (wonderful). Ok great. thanks for other old post as well, makes more sense to me now. I have also installed the TCP optimizer. I'm not sure if it working though, I'm not sure to check it, but all good. Thanks again. Manoj
  3. Hi All I have a 40m fixed fibre line (Telkom SA JHB). When I test via TMN it varies from between 7m to 11m on the test. However on many other speed tests (EG ookla), it always shows around 38m. Does anyone know why the results are so far apart and what is true speed. I'm also concerned that my service provider is not giving me the speed I'm paying for. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks Manoj
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