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  1. It's 8m/448k down/up Would like to increase the upload for obvious reasons, but over here in the UK it's about the best you can get unless you want to pay a lot of money. To give you an idea of what it's like, the next package upwards on my ISP gives 832k upstream and the same downstream as mine. This costs
  2. Ok, I apologise for being a little short here, it's just I feel there is a tremendous amount of ignorance regarding DSL and web hosting and it irritates me. I just realised I may have caused some confusion. My first reply was posted from my school's network who have a leased line to an academic network in the UK. My home connection is the 87.*.*.* address, while my school's is the 212.*.*.* one. I guess my connection is considered "business", as I can also send e-mail from my SMTP server to pretty much all of the major e-mail providers without it being marked as SPAM or having to smarthost off of their mail servers like when I had a dynamic IP. My bad.
  3. A bad explanation. I have a static IP address because I specifically requested one, and may soon be expanding to having my own routed block of 8 static IPs. I specifically object to your views on webservers. I have run a webserver highly successfully for the last 6 months, and it doesn't violate my ISPs terms because they allow it and do not block any ports like a lot of Nazi ISPs that just want to make more money by forcing customers to buy webhosting from them. Your views are archaic, go learn some grammar too.
  4. Hi, Well to answer some of your questions: 1. Yes, I've had the 8mb ADSL Max since about April/ May this year. To be honest, I envy people with a nice, stable 2mb DSL. The only reason I wouldn't go back is because the better upload speed on DSL Max (448k vs. 256k) as I run a webserver. 2. I've heard this, but it didn't seem to happen with me. Since the day it was upgraded I have synced at a steady 8128/448 line rate and it's never changed. 3. The 800kB/s download speed I mentioned I only saw once. It started off at 1mb/s and quickly degraded to a steady 810kB/s. This was in the middle of the night, from a UK server (ftp.mirror.ac.uk). The speed varies enormously. One minute I can be seeing 4.5mb - 6mb, then 1/2 hour later it's down to well below 1mb. The upload seems to stay pretty constant though. 4. The ISP I'm with is http://swiftinter.net. I've called BT about it and they claimed to do a line test and said it was ok and to contact our ISP, which we already had done. We contacted the ISP again and today they got back to us asking us to reboot our router and perform more speed tests and send them the results. We did this, and it seemed to have improved a bit but now it's just as bad as before. Personally, I don't think this is a line problem or the fault of my ISP. I think that this is a problem of lack of capacity at the BT exchange at peak times, and BT aren't going to do anything about it. EDIT: Some speed screenshots from my best records (rare): http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/6093/speed4ab.png http://img310.imageshack.us/img310/7660/speed27gg.png
  5. I take it you saw my other thread. I know that my PC is not at fault because I've tried it on my laptop, and about 3 other desktops and the speed problem is just the same. Sometimes I'll get 800kb/s, others I'll get about 200kb/s or less. I just can't put up with this variation in speed anymore, I'm guessing that my ISP has an extremely poor network, as it's slowest during the day at peak times. I understand that it would be slower during busy hours, but this is unacceptable. This new "up to 8mb" thing seems to just be a license for UK ISPs to provide apalling service and justify it by saying "speed varies". I'm really not impressed by them at all.
  6. Hi, My current provider are a bit awful, so I'm looking to switch. However, I have a number of specific requirements. I will need: *At least 1 static IP address *No blocked ports (such as 80, 25 etc) *High upload speed (at least around 500k) *High download speed (at least 6mb) *No traffic shaping (bittorrent etc) *No proxies or caching servers *Unlimited bandwidth or a very high limit I'd like to find a provider that can give me all this for no more than
  7. It's a possibility, although I don't think I'm that far from the exchange, I've been told I'm about 800 meters away (is that far?). It may be poor cabling, as the short cable of section from the BT box to the master socket is pretty ancient looking.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I haven't scanned my PC for anything like that but I'm pretty sure I don't have any, as I can usually recognise dodgy processes in task manager. Also, I've tried it on other, freshly installed Windows XP Pro machines and the speed is the same. As for the first question, I'm using a Zyxel Prestige 660H router. I've tried many of the guides from this site, including tweakng the TCP settings, and also I used a guide from another site involving limiting the reservable bandwidth for the QoS packet scheduler in the policy editor, which worked particularly well. I'm quite sure my line is not at fault because when I was on 1mb I used to get 120kb/s + which isn't bad for 1mb.
  9. Hi, A few weeks ago I changed ISP from a 1mb Wanadoo connection to an 8MB download /448k upload line with a static IP. However, the speed has been apalling. At times, It has been as low as 30kb/s download speeds. On average, I get around 500-700kb/s, and at best about 800kb/s. A lot of the time though it is very slow. I sync at the full 8128k down/448k up speeds and don't have any problems with attenuation, My figures: attenuation downstream: 27db noise margin downstream: 11db (sometimes 12) I've contacted my ISP about this, and they asked me to run some speed tests and tell them the results, which I did, and they then told me that this had been reported to their diagnostics team and that they'd get back to us when they'd heard back. This was a few weeks ago now, and although it's a bit better than before, it's still way too slow. I've tried tweaking the settings in windows, which did help things a bit, but it's still too slow. I would be grateful if anyone could suggest something I could do to sort this or if anyone else has had the same problem. It really is soul destroying to see a speed test result of 80kb/s.
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