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  1. my problem is with the calculation of free memory in one of my disc's viz., D the attached image can explain u more than i can tell you anyway the problem is everything from Properties window to Everest application shows me the free memory available is something near to 1.5GB but when i select all the folders and files(hidden files is not included here) in the disc D and then rightclick-> properties, it shows to be occupying 5.35 GB (and if hidden files included it comes to around 5.55 GB) and thus my doubt arises here total disc space = 10
  2. i too got the same problem when my new monitor came just check for the power supply to the crt!!!! or as told by swimmer just dont place any unshielded electronic devices beside monitor(i used to have my screen shaking coz of me placing a mobile phone beside my monitor) and the moment i take it from there the screen becomes normal. nowadays highend mobile phones pose no problems like these but those old lower end mobile phones usually cause these problems
  3. i have a adsl connection(256kbps) you can see the splitter at the bottom right(small white box) corner of the picture. fyi, i have marked it in the picture below
  4. an you please explain me the above statement? after removing the splitter what should i do?? surely i try to do all the above said and reply again!!! i have already tried to get rid of that modem but was told by my ISP that "no stock for new modem and contact us later" and for my information they too told that above 99% of these types of modems work without any fault and surely there would be no problem with mine and for my satisfaction they even tested it in their office infront of me ooooooooopppppppsssssss ABSOLU
  5. hello friends recently i was told by my friends that if a dataone(brandname of BSNL 's broadband service) activates the game pack he can download a file with a transfer rate or download speed of 60 kbps and most of my friends have experimented with it too and it 's TRUE. THEY ARE DOWNLOADING WITH A TRANSFER RATE OF 60 KBPS instead of the normal 30 kbps and coming to tariffs there is no information on the game package and its related tariff in the tariff page of the www.dataone.in site. if no info is
  6. @ ISP Geek is it a splitter problem???????????? for me too the LED will just go off and when i switch off and switch on again slowly the LED lits and connects me to net. these all i am doing after checking the physical connections.
  7. the same problem here dudes i will be using opera browser for downloads from rapidshare and mine is a having dynamic ip address (i think) as of now. for the past 1 week or more i am facing this type of problem . i' ll be downloading a big file(some 300 MB for my connection, its very big;)) and i used to start my download and go to sleep thinking that there will be no problem. but after the stipulated time when i switch on my monitor thinking that download will be complete i will be there for a surprise the browser will show me a error download
  8. @ water the problem resurfaced again after applying the settings the first time i am booting up, it is done in the way i desire i.e., Autologon but after that, the next time i reboot it, the pc slips back to normal or previous method of booting i.e., i have to click on the admin icon to be let into the desktop!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the settings i applied are retained only once until the next bootup. once the bootup is complete those autologon settings are lost i hope what should i do?????????????
  9. and finally my friends the problem got solved now my bootup time is greatly reduced i think earlier it was some 54 seconds i think now it has reduced much...... thanks water for the link it a very gr8 tool to be used !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. yes tommie you are actually thinking the same way as i do i want everything in my system to be faster from booting up to shutdown and i will be vexed up if i see my pc to be slow a simple quote from Brian Tracy s "Create Your Own Future How to Master the 12 Critical Factors of Unlimited Success" "Every innovation in business and industry today is aimed at reducing the amount of time it takes to get a particular result. They are aimed at increasing the speed at which you satisfy customers with what they want." "Every technological advan
  11. hey guys my prob is yet not solved i did the way water told but the new way of logging on is much more sicker than the previous one, ohhhhh it asks me the username and pass to be typed in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it goes like that of win '98,2000. i become sick on seeing that old antiquated login screens! so i just shifted back to my previous method of logging on again i 'm repeating the same question in a slightly different way:: have u seen welcome screens in Xp SP1 OS??? if there is only one user i.e., the adm
  12. hello friends i am using XP Sp2 OS and only one username exists i.e., administrator in my PC. while booting up the welcome screen is showing me the logon screen too!!! if there are more than one usernames in a PC then its OK but in my case its only one i.e., the admin then why is it asking me to logon screen its very time consuming guys!!!!!!!!!! i just want to know if there any ways to skip the logon screen(only one username)?????????? screenshot provided!!!
  13. @ wing zero superb man its the best way to solve those type of q's
  14. @ RAINMAKA Here are my answers for some problems you 've posted (if i am allowed) ans. 2cos(x)=sqrt(2) =1.414 therefore cos(x)=1.414/2=0.707 x=cos^-1(0.707) =45.00865166 now comes use calculator dude or longman tables if calcs are not allowed to find the values of both log 27 and log 8 and then find the difference in my calculator there were both log to the base as exponential and to the base 10 i couldn't remember the default log base to be take
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