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  1. Johnson County Kansas, USA. Google Fiber $70/mo
  2. When I switched to Multithread for Auto Test the immediate speed test results did not display. I couldn't tell whether it performed the speed test. Also, My Results vanished. No data. When I switched back to Linear the immediate speed test results displayed (could watch it go thru the speed test) and previous/current data in My Results returned. Any advice? Thanks in advance - Dave
  3. X-axis for My Results

    Has there been discussion about adding an X-axis for My Results and other graphs ?
  4. Where Do You Live?

    Johnson County, Kansas, USA. Anyone considered replacing the original map with one of Google's map options ?
  5. Desktop app ?

    Is there "app" version of testmy.net ? I'm running Windows 8.1 . Thanks in advance - Dave
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