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  1. I am not sure how many people actually use the Hughes Net Section of this forum, but I thought I would add that I fixed my issue. Hughes Net is playing games. I figured out how to change my beam during a re-installation process. I noticed that the beam I was on had and (R) after it, so I changed to one that did not. I followed the install process my dish pointing was laready done and I could see the signal was still strong on that beam. Let it do its thing for a few minutes.... ran the re-registration process and...... what do you know.... I am back to 40Mbps plus, acutely hit 44Mbps. Sometime you just have to out [email protected]#k the other F#@kers.
  2. I complained to Hughes net last week about super slow speeds after my data limit had been reached. I was only getting 600 Kbps. From what I was told by sales and read in their advertisements, I should have seen speeds in the 1Mbps to 3Mbps. Long story short, I was told that it was only the Gen 5 that guaranteed those speeds after my data limit was reached. I now have this in writing from a chat transcript, in that transcript I was assured that I will get 3Mbps. In the end I was going to cancel my service, but I opted to let them install the Gen 5 system since it was free and it upped my data limit to 20Gb and only increased my bill by $5.00. ( just as a reference, after I complained, my speed on my Gen 4 went up to 1.5Mbps even though my data limit was reached !) Here's my new issue. The Gen 5 system was installed. It was just a dish re-point and a new modem with WIFI. My initial speeds were fantastic. I was getting 40Mbps + download speeds. I was impressed. I did multiple speed test and it was pretty stable at those speeds. At around 11pm last night (9/8), my download speeds dropped to 12Mbps or less, usually less. I called Tech support today and they said everything looked good signal and connectivity wise, but they were seeing an issue as well with download speeds. They did a system reinstall and re-register, and it started getting 25Mbps on their end ( so to them... that's good). They could not explain why my speed dropped by 50% plus. My Ping / Latency is crazy slow at no less than 614 Ms and once at 1074ms. Has anyone else seen this issue yet ? I am wondering if they are trying to pull a "teaser" rate scheme. Give you blazing fast speeds so you are happy with the install, then throttle you down. I was told to give it 24hours and keep testing my speed. I am running auto tests every hour for 15 cycles so I have documentation on the issue. On the positive side, while the Tech Support guy in India was working his mojo, I was able to see the Ht2000W Hughes Net control center page and the Hughes Net system control center page. I was able to get into my router and change my SSID and passwords. I can also re-install re-register my system. These are the same pages they are using. They are now on my Bookmark Toolbar !
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