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  1. I spoke with Hughes on December 2nd and they are letting me out of my contract for $105.00, which is better than the $350.00 they were stating. the problem is the rep manager told me REYNA told me that in the Cottonwood area the service has NOT been working well for months now!!!!!! So I get penalized for it. but at least I'm getting the heck out of the internet serice with them. THANK GOD. Will keep you posted. Just keep on calling them, ask for a ADVANCED TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM...
  2. Actually I have Hughes and my service is so bad I'm running everyday the test every hour just to show them my service sucks. If I have to I'm going to go to an attorney to get out of this lousy service. Been fighting with them since the 3rd day of having them.
  3. I'm checking on different companies in the area of Cottonwood AZ and someone said stay away from Hughes Network System. They will rip you off and won't let you out of the contract even if your speeds are so bad. Need advice. Thanks.
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