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  1. ALSO https://www.increasebroadbandspeed.co.uk/2013/chart-bt-fttc-vdsl2-speed-against-distance which is worth the afternoon's reading I've just done,site is full of info regards nodsa
  2. Hi everybody, if you're in the UK. And, like me, struggled to find basic information. This may help. http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/btwchecker.php which gives this, after you have completed the address form, (Loads of useful stuff on this page.read notes after table) with the exchange information and cabinet number, go to https://www.homeandbusiness.openreach.co.uk/chat-with-us. And fill in the form. If you then click continue. You'll get to a live chat session simply ask, if they have a precise location of the cabinet and any information on the state of the line....they were very helpfull, and could have saved many hours on google streetview/or worse trudging around streets to find the cabinet. hope this may help nodsa
  3. Hi again, Finally managed to get FreeBSD installed (no GUI on completion, threw me off for quite a while!), And have run more tests, the identity being home. These confirm that my line is stable, and to me show that my ISP has no chance whatsoever of achieving what they have stated to be a "normal download speed range.", Especially as they have set the maximum download speed on the line at too low a level. Would you agree that that's a fair assessment of my situation, as I'm beginning to wonder seriously about my sanity, or am I tilting at windmills? Regards, nodsa
  4. no, but now running firefox on windows,(also running on linux m/c), instead of opera, & both win7 and 'buntu have same upload speeds,but now D/L speeds have dropped on both machines..........WTF.... going to have a break and start again tommorow, will post any progress, Many thanks, mudmanc4 regards, nodsa
  5. @mudmanc4 am now running alternate tests with an older laptop runing ubuntu live cd..........id in results is garage, it appears that winblows is restricting upload speeds by around 5mbps ??
  6. 480m from exchange, 30m from cabinet, testing on cat5e Gb ethernet, direct to router from a fresh win7 install :- same equipment that achieved 32 to 35 regularly on previous upto 36 package , and achieved regular 70-74 on prior upto 76mbps package, all with same isp...Talktalk Have also tested with a tplinkTD-W9980 router,and had exactly same results. HG635 Device ID: 00E0FC-B8Z8W14811005211 Hardware version: G.1.01 Software version: v1.06t System up time: 0 days 6 hours 23 minutes 33 seconds Broadband Information DSL synchronization status: Up Connection status: Showtime Upstream line rate (kbit/s): 20000 Downstream line rate (kbit/s): 70650 Maximum upstream rate (kbit/s): 20511 Maximum downstream rate (kbit/s): 71184 Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.2 Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.3 Upstream interleave depth: 0 Downstream interleave depth: 0 Line standard: VDSL Upstream line attenuation (dB): 13.3 Downstream line attenuation (dB): 7.3 Upstream output power (dBm): -0.6 Downstream output power (dBm): 13 Channel type: None DSL up-time: regards, nodsa
  7. Hi mudmanc4, thanks for responding so quickly. The package is faster fibre, with an added speed boost, this is supposed to give up to 80 MBPS, download, and up to 20 MBPS, upload. vdsl,talktalk provided (2-3yrs ago)Huwawei 635 router.... The screenshot above, appears in my talk talk account as I navigate towards their speed checker. I never expected anything over 75, to be honest, but to barely achieved 70 is somewhat hard to swallow. Regards, nodsa
  8. @mudmanc4 ,this is a screenshot from my talktalk account, take no notice of the stats (where did they come from....auto produced?) which aren't representative(I was experimenting with settings at that point ....BTW how do I clean out this misleading set of results? So am i being reasonable questioning talktalk with pretty consistent figures in the mid 60''s? ....max line speed is supposedly 80/20 ... I'm getting 65ish and 13 according to testmy.net & 67-70 and 18.9 according to Taltalk's speed checker.
  9. Hi everybody, for the sake of my sanity, could you comment on my interpretation of the above. I take it to mean, that my normal download speed should be somewhere in the range of 72 to 78, and that anything below that, it is questionable. I fully realise that Internet speeds are highly variable, according to numerous conditions (number of users, file sizes, time of day, etc etc). Secondly, I see the minimum guaranteed speed as an absolute figure, which will be maintained by my ISP, no matter what, unless there is a complete outage. Is this a reasonable view, or should I be chained and confined to a padded cell, any comments. Much appreciated, Thanks in advance, nodsa https://testmy.net/quickstats/nodsa
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