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  1. In general on your laptop or pc getting 200mbps throughtput is affected by the following: 1) The network port on either your computer/router is running at 10mbps or 100mbps instead of 1000mbps - if on a PC/laptop this is checked on the networking control panel or Network settings interface in Win8 or 10; if you can't set then check if it might be the ethernet cable needing to be of CAT6 type, and then look into a new gigabit 1000mbps network card for pc or a usb gigabit network dongle for the laptop (which also works for pc) 2) how you connect wirelessly to your wifi router - wifi theoreticallay is able to surpass 200 mbps but realistically never goes past 75% of the max rating because 'science', mainly radio interference. Wifi routers need to be placed appropiately in the home in a centralized location. You can purchase new wifi routers that operate in new frequencies like 5ghz 801.11AC and theoretically have upwards of 900mbps of throughtput but with reduced range because of the higher frequency. Your old router may have 300mbps 801.11N tecnology that requires a specific pairing with a compatible pc wifi card or usb dongle.
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