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  1. I see this forum post from 2012 where the auto test allowed for max test size: https://testmy.net/ipb/topic/29513-auto-speed-test-file-size/ Was there a reason it was removed? thx again
  2. Hi. Love your testing site! I use the auto testing feature, very nice. I have an isp (T-mobile) that throttles my service when I hit >50GB/month. Using auto testing, even when testing only every 30 minutes, I easily go past the 50GB/mo limit when your s/w auto calculates the test packet size. Is there a way that I can choose a max test size so that I stay under the 50GB limit? For example, testing every 30min is 1440 tests per month. 50GB/1440 = 34MB/test. So if I could manually set the auto tests to a max of ~25MB this should work for me. Thanks for a great tool! Rod
  3. Thanks for the great support. Love this site!
  4. Hi, When I view the 'My Results' graph, the x-axis is the day and time of the tests. Many times at a particular point on the x-axis there can be a download result at a different day and/or time than an upload result. I would expect that they both would have the same time stamp at a point on the x-axis. Does this make sense? Can this be fixed? thx Rod
  5. I use AutoSpeedTest often, it's a great tool. When using AutoSpeedTest, there are times when my internet is not available (speed = ~0Mbs, ISP is down, etc). When I look at my Results, I do not see these '0 Mbs data points' in the list. This data would be very useful to me when talking to my ISP about my service. Is there any way for AutoSpeedTest to capture these times when my internet is 0? I presume that some TMN code would need to be running on my local machine to log this info... thanks again!
  6. Impressive! Thanks for the continuous improvement!
  7. Hi, I hope this is an appropriate question for this forum. Please let me know if there is a better forum/site/book to get this info. I can't find anything in a web search on this..... I'm trying to understand how a WISP system operates, particularly between the hardware at the local provider's tower to how it connects to the transceiver/dish on my roof. I'm an electrical engineer (IC designer), so I'm looking for basic technical details as much as possible. I currently use a WISP for all my internet/phone/entertainment needs, and this understanding will help me if I ever need to intelligently talk with my WISP if/when things go bad. My understanding is that one local WISP tower can communicate with "hundreds" of customers in the area at the same time. This is the main area I'd like to understand. How is this accomplished? Are there generally multiple transceivers/dishes on one tower to talk with all these customers? (I'm guessing that there isn't one transceiver/dish per customer on the tower, correct?) I'm guessing that there must be multiple customers assigned each transceiver/dish on the local tower, with each customer assigned to a 'channel' on that dish? (one channel per customer?). Is this similar in concept to an 'ethernet switch' built into each of the tower's transceivers to allow it to communicate with multiple customers at the same time? How many channels are generally on each of the tower's transceivers? 8? 16? or? Does the tower's transceiver need to be 'pointed at' a customer, or is it broadcast in all directions (or 180 degree view?, or?) from the tower? Then it's up to each customer's dish to point to the tower? (this is my bet) What stops a person (a non-customer) from simply pointing a dish at a tower and 'pirating' a connection? The hardware does not look proprietary. Simply a password protects this? Do they use public-private key encryption on each channel? Just curious. I'm just guessing at most of this. Probably have more questions, but this would help greatly. Comments? thanks! Rod
  8. Thank you. Worked as you described.
  9. I've been using this site to watch my speeds for about 5 months. Very helpful! I'd like to graph all of my data over the past 5 months to see how my performance has changed. When I 'export' my data, I only get about a week or 2 of data. Is there a way to download 5 months of my data? thanks!
  10. When I view my auto test results ("Results" tab), the times usually appear to be GMT. But sometimes the correct time zone (PST) appears....sometimes not. Very strange. I don't see a pattern. I'm in Calif. Is there a way to force it to always show PST? thanks!
  11. Thank you! I just started it up (1000 x 10min). One strange thing to note... the message said "come back in about 83 hours...". 1000x10min=166hrs, so something is not right..... thanks again!
  12. A week would be nice, running every 10 min. If you changed the max number of tests to 1000 (from 200), that would simplify my life. thanks
  13. I would pay a one time free for an "app", but not interested in a monthly cost. I'd even pay for a 'lesson'/info on how to do it. I'm an elect engineer with some software background. I run currently Testmy on a Kindle. Preferred since it's much lower power than my pc, and it runs 24/7. Would your solution run on a Kindle? thanks
  14. Hi capslock. I know this an old post, but did you ever find another website/app/tool that can continuously run for an extended period of time to capture network up/down speeds? Testmy can do up to 200 tests, one every 10min, which is about 33 hrs. Then need to restart for another 33hrs., etc... I was hoping to find another tool that could run continuously for a much longer time. Any suggestions? thanks
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