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  1. Tadeusz

    Upload Speed from test

    Hello Pgoodwin1, thank you for the reply, but the below pictures show what I am not understanding, and about calling them (my ISP Explornet the Only available where I am), there is no luck, I did call them several times, last time I called them they said that they see data speed is going to my modem at the rate between 0.5 to 1Mbps and on their end everything is fine, and when I said that I'm paying $139 for 10Mbps, they said "too bad, the only thing they can do is to lower my plan to 5Mbps so I will pay less. But that's not the problem even if I would go for 5Mbps I will stil not get that as it drops to near 0Mbps at times. That is why I'm trying to Understand/figure out what is going on with my connection, it can't be any trees or obstacles to the tower because between ~ 11:30pm and to about 3:pm the connection is usually 7 to 10Mbps but still the variation is pretty bad from minute to minute. For the speed difference I could blame congestion/oversold tower but why this variation in speed? One minute is 6Mbps and the next is 244Kbps, of course I test it with TMN because the "fake" Okla speed test shows always higher results, but since I read the whole TMN site, I know now why they show different/higher results. Btw, I work for a computer shop and now I tell everyone about Testmy.net and to forget about speedtest.net !!!
  2. Tadeusz

    Upload Speed from test

    Hello, I have a question about my TMN tests results, My Upload "avg speed" shows: 8.7Mbps and my "max" speed shows: 86.8 Mbps but my connection speed is (or at least should be) : 10Mbps Down & 1Mbps Up, so why is it so that it shows much higher speeds in the test results? these are my test results: Connection ID 176944719148 and is this normal that the graph shows the speed goes so much up and down, or my connection is very bad/inconsistent? I know that the ISP (explornet) is the worst ever, but I live in where there is no other options unfortunately, and last question, is this normal (it is one minute between tests) Fri Sep 14 2018 @ 8:05:41 pm 256 kB 186 kbps 23 kB/s 176944719148 Xplornet WbYhSQ4D7 share Fri Sep 14 2018 @ 8:06:48 am 5.3 MB 4.49 Mbps 562 kB/s 176944719148 Xplornet IutcRJqw1 share
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