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  1. Sounds familiar. When I signed up there was no mention of data restrictions, tokens, bonus bs, or anything of that sort. I was told usage was unlimited with 25 mbps. Perhaps somewhere in fine small print it exist, but in either case its a sham. A few speed sites I used to use with Suddenlink now all show speeds at or below what I had with dial-up 15 years ago. I'm paying $86 a month which is higher than Suddenlink charged with 30 mbps unlimited. I told the tech on the phone I don't spend hardly any time on the net, so why after 20 days am I out of usable data. He tells me to insure I'm not connected and using data to turn my computer off anytime I'm AFC. Hell, I'd unplug the stupid modem its a lot quicker. Anyway, thanks you guys for your help. I'll stay in touch as the saga continues...lmao!!
  2. I've used a small air compressor for years to clean my PC with no problems. If compressed air can damage the components, they weren't installed or made very well. I worked as an electrician on offshore drilling rigs and used compressed air on just about anything I needed it for...particularly cleaning dust and debris. Any pressure with high concentrations of water vapor is a failed system and should be corrected and not used.
  3. I moved to a location where Hughes is my only option. Its horrible. Suppose to get 25 mbps, I'm lucky to get 3.0. What's strange however is the test on this site shows over 25, but elsewhere when I test its 3 or less. Browsing is horribly slow, can barely even view youtube anymore. Before where I lived using Suddenlink I was blazing fast, soon as I moved and switched providers everything crashed and burned. Anyone have any ideas what's going on here? Thank you very much!!
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