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  1. I just bought a portable air compressor from 4WO truck parts It is for my car but I'm thinking of using it to clean my computer also since the pressure can be adjusted. Just wondering what everyone thinks of using a compressor? I'm planning to set the pressure at 30-40 and hold it fairly far away.
  2. ronjoc

    Very slow speeds

    Compare your current speed to your internet plan speed. If it is too low, then contact your ISP.
  3. ronjoc

    100 Mbps

    500mbps is fast enough unless you do some serious downloads then upgrading to 100mbps can be worth the extra cost.
  4. ronjoc

    Best Free Anti-Virus

    The Avira free version is reliable enough.
  5. I'm using Eset security and it works great in detecting pc virus and other online threats.
  6. ronjoc

    New build.

    I'm sure it will be a powerful computing machine. I dig the casing.
  7. ronjoc

    another new guy here

    Hello guys and gals! New here so thought I'd post an intro. My name is Jeron. Cheers!
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