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    MidAde reacted to CA3LE in Sorry, are you accepting any kind of donations ?   
    That's funny, I just happened to be looking at your account as you registered.    -- you'd think it was the php logo that caught my attention but I actually only saw your username first.
    I really appreciate that you want to donate.  Over 10 years ago there was a link for donation, maybe I'll bring it back.
    If you really want to help testmy.net... talk about it.  Your word-of-mouth drives my engine.
    Spreading the word is most valuable.  If testmy.net helps you all I ask is that you talk about it, write about it, link to it or just continue to use it.  You wanting to donate already means a lot to me. 
    Thank you!  Hope to see you around here for a long time!
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    MidAde got a reaction from CA3LE in Sorry, are you accepting any kind of donations ?   
    In just a little words, I would like to thank you but I don't know how.
    Best Regards
    Muhammad Adel Chief Information Technology Officer - CITO & Software Architect +20 (10) 1549-6776  |  +20 (11) 4886-6640
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