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  1. Hello CA3LE, I do really appreciate your great work, you are really Awesome! I believe there is just a few people in this world can appreciate people like you .. so just leave the donation open, there is people wants to thank you. Be sure .. my next plan to make something bigger than just few words ... sure thing the word is very important for people who knows its value, but sometimes we need more than words. so sorry for my delay but I had some terrible days, but now I'm Okay. the first thing I did (On Line) after the silly days are gone wrote this reply ?. don't forget to tell me about what was interesting with my username ? Thank you for your quick reply ... and I really do apologize for my late reply. please keep in touch
  2. Hello, In just a little words, I would like to thank you but I don't know how. Best Regards Muhammad Adel Chief Information Technology Officer - CITO & Software Architect +20 (10) 1549-6776 | +20 (11) 4886-6640
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