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  1. @stingingsilver nice one dude.. I guess there's no need for you to call smart bro's costumer service number.( I call them even if I dont have a problem with my connection just to make fun of them ROFL!) enjoy it dude ... dont forget to thanks this wonderful site
  2. its easy, on the general settings tab of TCPoptimizer, just move the slider to the advertised speed of smart bro then make sure that the PPPoE (below the MTU box) was checked, then click on the optimal settings on the lower right corner and finaly left click apply changes... is your location near or far from a cellsite? I've heared that your Smart Bro connection gets weaker as go you farther from a local cellsite..I am just 50 yards away from a cellsite so I got the best signall possible.. if still TCPoptimizer doesnt help you.. I guess you should call *1888 using a smart sim and
  3. @tommie gorman My internet connection provider is SmartBro too..but to be honest I dont really know what type of connection it is.. certainly its not cable.. what i just know is that we have a small square like antenna on the roof of our house and that acts as our connection.. SmartBro is Formerly Called SmartWiFi. its a philippine based company..
  4. hey stingingsilver! I'm a Smart bro user too. try TCPoptimizer it worked better for me than CableNut. this is my current stats! not bad eh? considering that it's raining outside and its peak time for smart bro users. :::::::::::::::::.. Download Stats ..::::::::::::::::: Download Connection is:: 324 Kbps about 0.32 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB) Download Speed is:: 40 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Server 1) Test Time:: 2006/09/18 - 3:16am Bottom Line:: 6X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 25.6 sec Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 75.64 seconds to complete Dow
  5. Fixed it using Spybot and Hijack This ! thanks for the help Voltageman!
  6. BTW im using windows XP SP2...
  7. evreytime I start my PC and the windows boot up I got this error. It says: RUNDLL Error loading C:PROGRA~1/MYWEBS~1/BAR/1.bin/MWSBAR.DLL The Specific Module could not be found does anyone here know how to stop or delete this file?? ive been trying to locate the file but so far Im clueless as a duck.. pls help this error thing is pissing me off thanks
  8. @OrGaN_ShIfT thanks a lot for the great help dude I reallly aprciate it!!
  9. great site there pitbull481..its that kind of site I've been looking for. thanks!
  10. I'm bored with my current mouse pointers and I want to change it to something different. I want that mouse pointer on Starcraft game. or something cool and different. can some help me? I've searching the net but I cant find a good site that could help me. thanks a lot my OS is Windows XP professional Service Pack 2.
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