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  1. First of all, thanks for all your work. Your site's awesome and useful and I've been lurking for a while. Would it be possible to get comparables? A couple ways I could see this work is: - View comparables in the same ISP network block. Using say the network blocks for each ISP in Maxmind's DB, see what their avg, min, max speeds as well as a distribution chart (so it would be visible that subscribers are at 10Mbps and 50Mpbs). This could help people see if the problem is with their home or their provider. - View comparables in the same postal code. What are the ISPs operating in the same area and what are their avg, min, max speeds with distributions? What percent of your tests in the same area with one ISP vs another? As a consumer I could find who might provide me with better service and how real the advertised speeds might be. I know data tying IPs to postal codes or even network block + ISP databases can be noisy, but I think overall there'd still be a lot of value. Happy to help out if possible. I have experience with most of this stuff but lack your pool of data. Cheers!
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