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  1. Its a new 2019 macbook - so it has no ethernet port - probably some dongle I could get... I did manage to get it up over 200 Mbps by moving from 10ft away to right over my wifi router so definitely something going on there. Maybe my router is 'intelligently' limiting it or something. Anyways thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Hello, I have great wired speed from my modem but was doing some test of my wifi network speed around the house with my new macbookpro and also with my iphone Xs. The iphone is registering 300+Mbps down and 200+ up consistently while my laptop is only getting ~100 down and ~35 Mbps up in the very same spot a minute later. I recognize there are a lot of variables but I'm curious if this is common, expected, or if it means I'm doing something wrong on the laptop? I've quit all apps and have no processes using the network while I test. Both are the only devices connected t
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