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  1. Yea the optimizer on Verizons site didnt make any difference.
  2. I have had FIOS for a little over 2 years now. Up until about 2 months ago all machines in the house ran either XP Pro or XP X64. I recently built both my wife and myself new machines and because of a lack reliable drivers on XP X64 we moved to Vista 64. Ever since our connection with the Actiontec router has been kind of flakey. I subscribe to the 20/5 package and I usually have to reboot the router 2-3 times a day to keep us running at the rated speed otherwise the connection speed plummets (from 20mbit to around 1mbit). Anyone have similar experiences. BTW I had Verizon send me a new router but that didnt resolve the issue. Should I just go buy my own?
  3. I feel your pain man. I have tried everything from IE-7 to Opera with no luck. There is no way I am going back to regular XP though.
  4. I think I do need those speeds. This is only one of 5 computers on my network at home. Its a worst case scenario however, I think it would kind of suck to have to split a 5 mbit connection 5 ways.
  5. I hope they have enough common sense to fix any bandwidth issues on their side before offering faster packages to a wider range of people....
  6. I live in Apollo Beach FL. Yes 20/20 sounds sweet.
  7. Not my full possible speed but for a real world download I will take it. 20/5 package Filefront download of the 741 MB Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo in just under 6 minutes.
  8. I just reinstalled Windows XP Pro X64 and everytime I run the speedtest now the 5 meg speed test stops halfway through. Current settings: RWIN = 1045440 MTU = 1500 I have fios 20/5 package. Other machine completes the test fine. I can complete other tests ok but the speed is a little lower than before the reinstall. Anyone have any idea what might be going on? I tried Verizon's registry file but it did not seem to change anything.
  9. Sorry for the late response. Here is a result from Speedtest.net And Upload From here. I get about 4600-4700 upload on the Verizon speed test so I am not getting my whole upload but I am not going to complain. I only pay 45.99 a month. RR only offers 10/2 for 49.99 here. You might get that if you are lucky. FiOS is a wondeful thing.
  10. Thats the package I have (20/5). You will be pleased, very pleased.
  11. I look forward to that. Last time RR upped the speed in my area I went from 15/2 to 20/5
  12. What does the final time and speed show as after the d/l is complete? Just curious because mine was showing 2 minutes remaining at 2.61mbps and after it completed it came out as 2.05mbps average and took 4 minutes 9 seconds to complete.
  13. I thought my 512 mb download in just over 4 minutes and 22Mbps test speed was pretty speedy......(in Tampa btw). That article compares the US average of 1.9 Mbps to Japan at 61Mbps however I think the 61Mbps connection they mention for Japan is the exeption not the rule. Most cities in the US have cable connections of around 5-7Mbps available to them. I think its the rural areas that skew our average. Japans average is higher however its a smaller country and the large majority of its population live in cities. Tokyo has a monsterous average connection speed.
  14. My d/l results for the optimum online ftp test. I love FiOS
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