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  1. I have a new problem which, I'm almost sure, is the old problem in a new place, I have a second account which I named "Ibiza #55 AbaxatBru". Most likely, the '#' in the name is impermissible. I fixed my old problem by somehow removing the apostrophe in "Rebeca's hose". Unfortunately, I forgot how I did that. I'm looking for a page where I can see my account details and then edit my user name to remove the '#' character. But I can't find any such page and I don't remember how I removed the apostrophe in "Rebeca's hose". Could you please describe the procedure for changing my user name; or, in the alternative, tell me how to delete my old account named "Ibiza #55 AbaxatBru". That will free-up the email address I used for that old account so I can create a new account with a conforming name and using that email address. Incidentally, may I suggest that you break the necessary link between making a user with complex needs to have as many email accounts as he has need for testmy.net accounts. I'd like to be able to use a single email address for multiple testmy.net accounts named, e.g., "MyHouse"; "HisHouse"; "HerHouse". I'd also suggest that you allow a short memo field where a user may type the independent variable he is trying to test. E.g., suppose I think I have a bad eithernet cable. I might try one test with the suspect eithernet cable and name the test "Red cable"; then try again with a different cable and name the test "Blue cable". Then, studying the numerous tests with diverse variations in the hypotheses being tested (different cables, different WiFi routers, on rainy days vs dry days) I'll be able to see whether my disappointing speed results seem to be associated with my Red cable plus by cheap WiFi router but not related to the weather. (Or, whatever the independent variables I'm investigating)., thanks much
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