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  1. Last I checked the Space X service required a $99.00 deposit for a place in line. Log onto to their web site and enter your zip to see what is available in your area. Hopefully soon they will be able to provide service to everyone who wants it?
  2. I live in a rural area with no chance of fiber optics/high speed internet. I went from dial up to a satellite provider 13 years ago and upgraded their service when available; I'm considering going to Space X Starlink. I logged on to their web site and my zip code is sold out with approximately a one year waiting period. I don't have a problem with the $99.00 reservation fee or equipment costs. I was wondering if any members have the service, how difficult it was to get up and running; and what happins when there are trouble issues? The current service provides a number where a person attempts to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved on their end they have local contractors who will visit my home. Help would be appreciated Thank You.
  3. I'm out of my comfort zone however with my highspeed earth station averaging 2.3 mbps download I went in search of knowledge. A two year contract with promises of 15-25 Mbps, ROTFLMAO. Living in the outback has it's advantages highspeed internet not being one. I already signed up for Space X Star Link and waiting for the beta testing to be completed...
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