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  1. I downloaded and installed CableNut, and downloaded and installed VanBuren's version 9.0 cablenut tweaks. I used the cable one for 10,0000 since I am in the middle of 6,000 and 10,0000 and I figured to use the higher one. Is this alright? Also I downloaded Doctor TCP but have not used it to change any default settings, should I? I am using Windows XP.
  2. My Kaspersky anti-virus pops up a few times a day (maybe 2-4) saying "Your internet has tried to be attacked by Helkern from address [insert an IP address here]. It has been successfully repelled. Now from what I read, Helkern spreads through port 1434 on Microsoft Server SQL or something? I don't even have that on my computer, so how is the port that Helkern tries to attack on open? I did netstat -a and it doesn't show port 1434 open. Either way I'm getting sick of this Helkern thing trying to attack me, I'm not running a network or anything so why would it try to get on my compute
  3. Downstream Value Frequency 693000000 Hz Signal to Noise Ratio 33 dB QAM 256 Network Access Control Object ON Power Level -5 dBmV Upstream Value Channel ID 1 Frequency 35600000 Hz Ranging Service ID 3030 Symbol Rate 3.200 Msym/s Power Level 50 dBmV Is this good? I read you're supposed to have 0-5 for the downloadstream and mine is -5. But on the speed tests I usually average 6,000-6,200 and with the overhead factored in 6400-6700. I get more than the advertised speeds for 6,000/768. Although the upload hovers around 690-715 most of the time.
  4. I have a question but instead of starting a new topic I thought I could just ask it here since VanBuren is reading this topic. How would you go about undoing what you did with cablenut? All the tweak boxes with numbers in them that it changed, is there a way to "undo" it to return you to the state it was in before you applied them? I don't want to since it increased my speeds, but I'm just curious...
  5. No, it doesn't have to be a cache. Verizon FIOS internet right now offers packages of 15 mbps or 30 mbps. The 15 mbps download and 2 mbps upload speed is only $49.99 LMAO that's less than I pay right now for cable. Unfortunately my area doesn't qualify.
  6. :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 6207 Kbps about 6.2 Mbps (tested with 12160 KB) (over 6600 without the factored in overhead, about 811 KB/s) Download Speed is:: 758 KB/s Tested From:: http://www.testmy.net/ Test Time:: Mon Mar 07 2005 21:18:50 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 111X faster than 56K 1MB download in 1.35 sec Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 101.46 % faster than the average for host (attbi.com) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-7CEBUTFGA
  7. How do you find out what make your NIC is and how to upgrade it? I'm interested since this computer is 4 years old and I've never upgraded the NIC drivers.
  8. Your upload is fine, you are probably on an advertised speed of 384. You're getting 356 so that's great. That's only 4 kb's off.
  9. Are you sure your advertised speed is 3 mbps and not 4? The new "standard" package for comcast cable is 4 mbps, they upgraded their current members, maybe you got the upgrade and didn't even notice. With no tweaking getting 500 over your advertised speed seems almost too excellent. I'd get cablenut and try the tweak for 4000/384 since I think you have the 4 mbps package...but if you are positive you don't then use the 3000 cablenut file.
  10. When I went to the custom .css builder page you linked me too, I entered a latency of 300 ms and it wanted to make my GlobalMaxTcpWindowsize greater than what it was on version 3. Is this bad? I put in the new suggested size. What I'm wondering is if me living so close to my ISP is affecting my ping times. I live on the SAME street as where the Comcast ISP provider building is. Would this make me have less ping times? It said pick one between 150ms and 300 ms. But when I followed the ping guidelines and used the command prompt my pings were 25 ms. Then I read it said to test it during a "
  11. Hi, I'm new here...want to thank you Van Buren for making those custom files for the Cablenut program, they work great! I'm running Windows XP on SP1 (I hate SP2, I know it's more secure...but blah). Anyway...I downloaded your version 3 .zip and used the 6000/768 because that is my advertised speeds, and I saw a great increase. It went from 5200 something to now past 6100 on the speed tests here. Then I tried version 4 and version 5, again using the 6000/768 and it decreased my speeds back down to 5100. So then I wondered if the first tests of the 6100 speeds after version
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