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  1. anyone can help find ip3000 service maunal i hv find any cant find it
  2. ya .that i looking for ......thanks Coknuck
  3. hi all ,anyone know about Dell Dimension 3000 motherbroad detail...... pls tell me thanks .....
  4. that same as my 1 but thanks anyway
  5. hi all .... have any1 got epson counter reset ??cos i use the SSC Service Utility still cant reset it .have other software better of it ?? ....
  6. eptls


    hi all,,, what difference about the DC and C2D ? thanks u all
  7. ya i fix the problem already.... thanks . now .... now came 1 more problem ,wheni print few paper it came out the problem all lights " E " flahing on again .....and i trun off the power and unplug power the alnight and the morning i try again is okie ....trun off and on few time still okie .....but i not pluging usb cable to pc yet .... if that usb port problem or printer braod problem.....
  8. eptls

    any suggestion ???

    thanks guy for the suggestion .....
  9. eptls

    any suggestion ???

    for the pc good or not ?? Intel 935 D 3.2 (2x2MB Cache) 800 (Socket 775) (DC) MSI Intel 945PL Neo-F (Dual DDR2/SATAII/PCIex16/1066)+Sd+Glan (C2D) or MSI Intel 965P Neo (Dual DDR2/SATAII/PCIex16/1066)+Sd+Glan (C2D) ADATA / APACER 1 GB DDR-II (800) WD SATA II 80GB (7200rpm) 8MB Cache MSI NX-7300GT 256MB DDR2 128Bit TV-Out/DVI (PCIex) or MSI NX-7600GS 256MB DDR2 128Bit TV-Out/DVI (PCIex) DVD RW ROM
  10. hahha .....no paper .... the ink is new ....and i hv found 1 on web problem about the all lights flashing ' E ' is the transportation lock .... what is the " transportation lock " is ???can any1 tell me ....
  11. my epson stylus cx3500 have problem pls help error --all lights and ' E ' in LED windows flashing......how to fix it ??
  12. i also found all need to pay 4 ... (
  13. hi i urgent need the epson c900 and c1100 service manual or repiar manual .... i hv find any way but cant find it ....hope you can help me find it .... thank for the help ....
  14. nvm thanks all .......i think havebuy new 1 ......
  15. hmmmm.... got the DOS Startup disk in window 'ms version incorrect' if boot to dos with boot disk can been Recognize with USB drive? ???
  16. [ thank your help ..... my flash drive dont have any swich on it .....
  17. apacer handy steno.My problem is my device suddenly write protected.How to open or format it?
  18. hi all .. my hardy driver Apacer 256mb cant been format ... is came out ' The disk is write protected 'or it need other software to format it ???? pls pls
  19. hi all , where i can find the disk manager for western digital hand disk or ontrack dm ... thanks alll
  20. i get ur mean already swimmer .... i had try already cant been save ' it said not same range ip address ' when i put on subnet ip address assigned byyour service provider : ----->> subnet mask : service provider gateway ip address : dlink (1) ----->> dlink (2) dlink (3) dlink (4)
  21. sorry swimmer i not very understand ur mean ... cos i noob on this thing out .. hehe can u tell me more detail ..... thanks ....
  22. hi all ..... sometime it work ok... sometime cant receiving ....am i setting worng ? i hv 4 d-link 500t set ip is and the planet multi-homing xrt-104d ip is subnet : in the static ip i set it like this ip address assigned byyour service provider : subnet mask : service provider gateway ip address : dlink (1) dlink (2) dlink (3) dlink (4) other setting i leave it blank or i need set what more ??can some1 guide me ((
  23. hi everyone i new here .....i some problem .....can anyone help.... i have 4 isp acc(d-link router 500t) want to connect it with planet multi-homing broadband router xrt-104d i have try it already many time ..... can connect but no received .. can some1 teach me step by step ... thanks
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