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  1. Jordon! Yahoo has a page on it... http://tv.yahoo.com/american-idol/show/34934/news/urn:newsml:tv.ap.org:20070524:tv_american_idol__ER:10763
  2. Say, did you get any errors while installing the Sprint software under Vista?
  3. Worked good today.. Your current bandwidth reading is: 1.05 Mbps which means you can download at 135.04 KB/sec. from our servers.
  4. hmm, well my netmeter shows it starts to download, then stops after a few seconds and never starts again.
  5. I tried, but it starts to download then stalls after about 3 seconds.
  6. EVDO speeds will vary by card, signal, tower and web site.
  7. I think the fast speeds are the results of using AOL. They proxy everything, or at least they did in the past, so the speed is of the AOL proxy servers not your connection. Try using IE directly instead of the AOL web browser.
  8. Hi, It sounds like maybe a hardware issue. Perhaps bad memory or your CPU fan went out. You may also want to try running the following command (start>run) to be sure your XP system files are intact 'sfc /scannow'. ~Brian
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