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    zeddlar got a reaction from marsh_0x in Test is wrong with Hughes satellite   
    Yeah, between what I am seeing on the HN forum and the HN section of this one, it would seem the problem is widely spread. I check mine regularly against actual downloads and it is staying fairly stable for me so far but it is beginning to look to me like there isn't a dependable speedtest out there for HN atm. Speakeasy was just a hair inflted but pretty close the other day and all the rest including the HN test show I am getting speeds generall slower than what even my actual download speed runs, lol.

    I know this is causing alot of complaints on the HN forums but with no test running accuratly then it is hard to make people understand that they can't depend on those tests. I cant figure out how to do attachments but at 66% through a 107 MB video driver download from Nvidea I am downloading at 542 KB/s which adds up to a line speed of 4.3 Mb/s, when I tested here just before this download I got a result of 4.9 Mb/s so figuring possible server congestion at Nvideas end then that result is close. Just seconds before I started this download I tested with the HN official speed test and it showed a download speed of 320 KB/s which would be an actual download speed of 40 KB/s, LOL. I don't know what is causing these problems but there is something somewhere causing havoc with these tests. I will do another download test and comare it to these tests later this evening and see what happens, but the ones having these problems are going to have to do the same to show the conflicts because like I said, I am not having much if any problems with this sites test yet.

    I should add that the reason the speeds went up for some is rumored to be because in order for them to do the FAP upgrades, they uncapped the modem speed restrictions so the modem can run at the top availible speed if this helps any.
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    zeddlar got a reaction from CA3LE in New look   
    Wasn't quite sure where to put this but figured it fit best here. The new look is great and things seem alot more streamlined now and I love the new speed test tools.
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    zeddlar got a reaction from CA3LE in New Hughesnet official forum   
    Below is a link to the new Hughesnet official forum run on the Hughesnet customer care site. So far there has been great Hughes tech participation and there are several subjects there now for people to give ideas on like improvements to hughesnt in general and ideas for FAP improvement and so so check it out, so far so good.

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    zeddlar got a reaction from Doug Huffman in Wild Blue Speeds   
    Well no offence to anyone on this side of the fence but you could switch to Hughesnet now. It isn't like these speeds will last forever but I just upgraded to the new KA band system with the elite plan which is supposed to be 2Mb down and 300Kb up and I am staying around 2.3 to 2.6 Mb down and 250 to 300 Kb up with avg pings running from 550 to 700. Hughes is just another satt. system with bad tech support but I have been with both companies and I have to say that if you press them hard enough when you have trouble they usually try to resolve the problem and their over all policies with the new fap system and free download period show they are trying to make their systems customer friendly. Just something to look into if you don't have any other option. I would do some serious research into cell service if I were you though if you havn't already because I live in Oklahoma as well and I thought that just my little corner here by Grand Lake was the only spot in this state that wasn't covered by Sprint and Verizon 3g and I am still not sure Verizon doesn't cover me but not going to pay a $500 deposit to find out for sure.
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