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  1. C:Documents and SettingsDavid>ping www.google.com

    Pinging www.l.google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=236

    Reply from bytes=32 time=69ms TTL=236

    Reply from bytes=32 time=90ms TTL=236

    Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=236

    Ping statistics for

        Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

        Minimum = 69ms, Maximum = 90ms, Average = 74ms

  2. Now I've been reading and researching about Javascript vulnerabilities lately. I'm not too familiar with the language, but I'm hoping someone here can coach me on some things. Perhaps, make a guide to post under the guides' topic.

    People called me about browsing to Cox.net and azcentral.com that their AVG virus detected javascript exploits on the page. I've got McAfee and I detected nothing when I went there. Someone told me about a temp .js file that is the cause and that was quarantined. I've searched in my temp, found it, can't read it obviously, and then I became more curious. I know the history of the language has had trouble, but reading in the news lately, this is just the beginning of the worst. It's not about just taking over someone's PC anymore. That's childs play. From what I understand, it's finding the vulnerabilities in corporate web sites, (especially bank sites) and accessing the remote computer and databases without leaving a footprint. The code can even rewrite itself while its running to prevent detection. Javascript can be turned off of course, but most of the web has that component to interact with those on the user end. I've found a 3rd party company that can help my employer with detecting the SQL injections and weaknesses, but from one's knowledge greater than my own on this subject, how can I emphasize the importance of the partnership and the necessity for them? How big a threat will this really be for internet users in general?

    I've also found a current news link with Mozilla in worries over the potential problem...http://www.linuxworld.com.au/index.php/id;1471826749;fp;2;fpid;1  Anyone's thoughts on this, I'm curious to know.

    Hmmm I'm sure a good solution will be found soon  :undecided:

  3. that would work for data, but the prob with lojack is it installs into bios too. wipe the drive, and it simply regenerates teh files the next time you boot. and if you have a bios password......so no matter what the thing is still gonna fone home.


    If that really works like that I may tell my friend to install that on his laptop.  :laugh:

  4. http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/06/11/Safari-for-Windows-released-and-hacked-in-a-day_1.html

    Apple is becoming a favorite target of security researchers these days. In April, there was the $10,000 CanSecWest hack a Mac contest, and on Monday, there was the Safari Web browser. Or the public beta of Safari for Windows, anyway.

    Just hours after Apple released its first Windows beta of Safari, researcher Aviv Raff said he'd found a bug.

    In an interview, Raff said that it took about three minutes of fuzzing to find the bug and that he hadn't tested the issue on Mac OS X. So he couldn't say whether or not it affected Safari on Windows only. The bug causes the browser to crash and "might be exploitable," according to Raff, meaning it could possibly be used to run malware on the PC.

    Raff was clearly unhappy with Apple's claim that Safari was designed to be "secure from day one" (he called this claim "pathetic"), but he said he wasn't particularly going after Apple. "I don't pick just on Apple," he said. "I've posted about Microsoft and Mozilla issues too."

    "Everyone has bugs, but not everyone says that they are 'designed to be secured from day one,'" he added. "I guess it's day zero now."

    Thanks probably won't use it at all now. At least not till it's outa beta.

  5. No a buddy key is a 10 day free trial that a person who buys the game can give to anyone they wish it's like a free trial except for LOTRO unlike WoW you can't just goto the site and request a free trial you got to get a buddy key from someone who has purchased the game.

    Sorry for the mix up but i don't need it anymore I just went out and bought the game (mmo).

  6. Well, the "ABC rep" was wrong about one thing.  Christians are certainly not the minority.  The european first settlers on this rock were puritans, therefore this nation was founded by a bunch of prudes lol. 

    I myself take a nihilistic aproach to issues such as gay marriage and abortion and things like that.  I simply don't care one way or the other.  I see both sides for what they are, opinions.  Thats the beauty of "free will", (though free will is debateable).

    People in the country just need to stop letting every little thing "offend" them.  Thats why we have to live in this ridiculous politically correct facade now.

    Yea my mom always use to ridicule me and look down on me for being an atheist told me she should just make me go to church (I'd say go ahead but it won't change anything).

    I think we should just accept people for their differences and go on with our lives, who cares if gay people want to get married? If ABC wants to openly support gay marriage and put it on their shows so be it, it is their TV station after all and no ones forcing people to watch it.

    But like I said I highly doubt the "email" above is real as an ABC rep would right a much better response than that, besides the fact I'm sure since the first gay marriage show they launched they've received 100's of hate mail a day about it and they probably have a standard reply for everyone about it.

  7. Oh goodness no, peepnklown found out my true identity.  :evil6:So innocent there aren't we?

    And being as you are an athiest, I might like to say good luck to you in the end my friend. We should all be allowed our opinions.    :smiley:

    Well everyone has their opinion even in countries where they technically are not allowed to have them we should all be allowed to express our opinions  :smiley:

  8.   They are not condoning same sex marrage. They are simply teaching tollerance. Myself I care less if bob and tom down the street wanna get married. Not my job to judge. Not 100 percent sure but think microsoft offers insurance to same sex couples.

    As my favorite quote goes "to his or her their own"  :smiley: . I believe a true man is someone who accepts people for who they are not what the person wants people to be.

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