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  1. Well, my new ISP took the Canopy crap gently off on my purchased tripod and pole, and removed all Xplornet equipment from my roof and gently placed it in my garage on my workbench. So I call xplornet and tell them I want to cancel service immeidately and am told that I have to fill out a form and send it in to them by fax??? WTF!??? Ok, so now after reading this above post, I am thinking I will make sure that my three Akitas are not as happy to see these guys when they try to remove the equipment. I'll be photographing the equipment and the idiots that come out to deinstall. When I hand them the canopy crap back it will be a great time to get pics of the deinstallers too right? You never know when you need proof of who came out. So I might want to have my cancellation letter faxed from my lawyers office in town. Xplornet, what a bunch of crooks. I am outside of my one year agreement and I don't remember any bullshit about sending in a fax to cancel with these morons. I've asked that a manager call me back this week to discuss this and am told within the next few days someone will call. I told her that their management are all cowards and won't dare to pick up the phone to discuss this. I'll bet money on it. We'll see. So now I have to go dig up my old contract and see if it mentions faxing in a form. I doubt it will. I'll be talkingt to my lawyer about full recovery of the entire 1.5 years+ of unsatisfactory service for sure. What the hell, if I performed like this I'd be fired. Anyone want to see the letter I got back from the BBB? I'll see if I still have a copy on my other mail account if so.
  2. Xplornet has been a huge thorn in my side for 1.5 years since I was their first guinea pig in the area. I had down speeds of 109kbps last night for my 1.5mb service and up speeds of 9kbps (I'm not kidding). I finally blew a fuse with these incompentent morons. Every time it's level 1 then level 2, I bet nobody else knows this but yes they even have a level 3 support staff. Their lack of concern for the customer and their arrogant attitudes thinking they're the only game in town is f'd. So after writing a nasty-gram to their customer support explaining what I was going to do (and still will do) amazingly enough I test tonight and see over 900kbps down and no more than 45 kbps up. I'm 3.91 km from the tower. I had started with residential 3mb service and downgraded at about the 1 year mark since they never even gave me 1mb down or better than 60kbps up during all that time. I've been walked through computer 101 and heard every excuse in the book. I've been an I.T. professional for 20 years and if I performed like this I'd be fired at the end of a bosses boot and I'd deserve it. DO NOT go with these people if you have any other alternative. If you live right next to the tower, maybe you'll get lucky, but this canopy crap is the most useless flaky equipment you'll ever see. Consitency is a requirement for me because of the need to support global databases 24x7 when it's my rotation to be on call. These guys almost cost me my job once with their 3 day outage and had me plugging in my old 56k USR modem to take care of issues. What a joke. Stay away from them at all costs. They make me sick.If they tracked customer call metrics, they'd maybe have a clue that when somebody has called 2 or 3 dozen times they MIGHT want to fix the problem not now job the customer. F them! I'm putting a nice big anti-xplornet sign on my lawn until they decide to full refund the entire costs of their service including installation. They'll need lawyers if they screw up anything on my house when they come to remove this crap. Oh yeah, surely the BBB won't care but I'm letting them know what's gone on too. This would start a class action law suit in the U.S. so why let them get away with it here.
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