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  1. i did the same thing when i first got dsl. i got confused between megabits and megabytes. I thought i was getting 1 megabyte DL, instead i was actaully getting 1 megabit. Now i know that i am getting the speeds i should, most of the time.
  2. i got a Toshiba USB TV tuner that i got from my freind because he had no idea what it was. Im having trouble installing it. I cannot find any drivers for it. ive looked at toshiba's website and couldnt find anything for it. Im hoping you guys can help me out here. the Product number is pa3518u-1tvn. im using windows xp
  3. im having this same problem. ive been searching online to figure out how to do this and most of them say to use the "wine emulator." this is sopposed to be able to install your windows program on linux. i have not figured out how to use it because the verson that people use online is different than the one i have. You can find this program using the "add/remove program." If you can figure out how to use this let me know.
  4. great suggestions ninjageek and mudmanc4. both of them worked great. i got windows as the default OS. and my keyboard workes during the boot menu. Thanks for all your help. this is why i like this forum because usually all my problems get resolved.
  5. i did some testing. i didnt think that this was going to be the problem but i think it is. I am using a wireless mouse and keyboard. when i plugged in a wired keyboard it worked just fine. i threw this out early because i could get to my bios screen with it. i wonder why the keyboard does not work during the boot screen
  6. when i booted up this morning i noticed that it said GRUB when it was loading
  7. it might take me a while to figure out whats all on the boot menu because its only there for 10 seconds and its booting up linux
  8. so is there anyway to fix it. i dont want to be using linux all the time. im starting to like linux, but windows has all my stuff on it.
  9. i have no idea, i dot remember seeing any of that
  10. well i only get 20 seconds to look at it but on the instructions it says to use the arrow keys up and down. theres a couple other keys but i don't know what they do.
  11. hopefully this is an easy one. when the screen comes up to select the which OS you want i cannot go up or down. and after the count down it automatically goes to Linux. why can i not pick the OS i want and how do i change it so the windows would be the default OS
  12. that was the problem, i changed the cd to first prioty and it worked great. i was able to resize the windows partition and create another one. Thx guys. now i can install linux.
  13. im trying to boot gparted to the cd. it just boot windows right away. i also had this problem when i put in my linux cd. it did not boot linux like it should of.
  14. i burned it again and still get the same problem. but this time it took 2 tries to start windows
  15. i just cannot get anything to work the way i want it to. i cannot get the gparted to run. it will boot windows right away and doesnt do anything with the cd
  16. thx for the tips. im having trouble backing up my files. so when i go to the backuip file tool i cannot get it to save onto a cd. it says i need a floppy disk. Im i doing this wrong or what.
  17. back to how to create a partition. i did some research and it says to go to disk manament window and right click on the unallocated space and then click on new partition. heres the problem i cannot find the unallocated space. heres what my window looks like
  18. When i put the linux cd in says i can do a full installation alongside windows or as the only operating system. so im assuming if a install it alongside windows it will create its own partition for it. Am i right? There also an option to install inside of windows, but the disk performace is slighty reduced.
  19. How do i create a partition in my hardrive so i can put linux on that? i just want to mess around with it. i have a 300 gig harddrive so if i create like a 100 gig for it, that will be more than enough.
  20. I solved the problem. I switched to firefox and it worked. my browser must have trouble with that. I was using Maxthon.
  21. i am having trouble opening my email attachments I emailed a powerpoint presentation to myself so i can work on it at home. when i go to "save target as". it is saving it as a commpressed zip file. so when io unzip them it shows these files it the picture below. this happens to all my attachments. I've done this before and it worked fine. What is going on here? A quick response would be very appreciated
  22. yes, but the fan was not running. so the heat sink will also get hot. When you lift the heat sink off the cold air is able to flow over the chip. this will cool the chip very quickly. This is just my theory. I dont know this for a fact.
  23. heres what i think happened. the chip got really hot and when they took the heat sink off, the chip cooled to rapidly causing the air under the chip to compress and that made it pop off like it did. Its like heating up a pop can and then dumping it into a pool of ice water. The can shrinkes instanly.
  24. microsoft office has some templates you can get. its not the best software for making cards, but it will be good if you only make a couple cards. and if you don't want anything spectacular.
  25. i believe you can. most monitors have a dvi input. So you would need a hdmi to dvi converter if your using a PS3. for the 360 i think the newer one come with a hdmi port, im not sure im a playstation guy. You may have to unplug the console and plug back in your computer. but that shouldnt take to long. This should work. I havent done it, but i was thinking of trying it sometime also
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