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  1. now im thinking about getting this cpu http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103674 that would be a dramatic improvement to my pc. I watch a lot of TV and while im running other programs on my computer at the same time. I also do alot of video converting as well. Or i could just get a new cpu and a new hard drive, but i dont know if i want to put that much money into my computer at this time. Plus i'm gonna be spending 200 bucks on windows 7
  2. or i could upgrade my cpu. right now i have a Amd 2.4 x2 4600. i might see a bigger difference if i would go for a better cpu. i would get a lot more for my money. I have been looking at the prices of the solid state drive drives and they are a lot more than i thought.
  3. That speed you are looking at is the Transfer speed between your computer and router. It is not your connection speed. I did the same thing when i first got broadband. What is your internet speed suppose to me at(advertise speed)?
  4. Hey guys. Now that windows 7 is out i want to upgrade my computer before i get it. I mostly just want a new hard drive. I want to get a solid state drive to run windows and some other programs. I will keep my 300 gig drive for my other files. I just want to know what you guys think about this. any if you had any advice for the new solid state drive. Thx
  5. What do you guys recommend? and how will do they work? I don't as much TV as i use to so buying a new TV would be kinda a waste of money. I also like the DVR feature on most of the cards. Price: under $100 Heres my specs: windows XP AMD Athlon X2 2.4 GHz 4600+ 2 gigs ram ATI Radeon HD 3850 MB- http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=A780GXE/128M&s= 22inch LCD monitor
  6. thats what i do with my PS3. it works just fine. although i use a 13 inch TV to convert the RCA cable to 3.5mm headphone jack. so i plug in my 2.1 system into.
  7. well, i got got lucky. I was able to boot into safe mode by logging in as the administrator. All i had to do was enable all the accounts. I was actually looking forward to reformatting my hard drive and starting over from scratch. There's a lot of crap that needs to be deleted. I'm not going to mess with my computer anymore well, at least for a few days anyway. Everything seems to be working fine. And for my keyboard and mouse not working, logitech is sending me a new one.
  8. im using linux ubuntu right now. so i can copy all of my files over to another computer easily. Thats one good thing about dual boot systems. I was just thinking why would windows allow me to disable all the accounts. I remember the password to the administrator account but is said the account was disabled. I want to copy over my files to be safe.
  9. I shot myself in the foot with this one. I should of researched it before i did it.
  10. i guess i found the password to the administrator account but it doesn't do anything because the account has been disabled.
  11. wait a minute your saying the Kansas city royals actually won a game. thats amazing.
  12. Well, my computer has been working just fine since i got it fixed. Im just an idiot for what i did. My motherboard has "Instant Boot" really cool feature, my computer boots up in about 6 seconds. however, it take a long time to shut down. It has to shut down, reboot and then shutdown again. The problem was that i had to log in when i rebooted, Which sucked because i had to wait for it. So me being the idiot, I disabled all the account. Now i cannot log in. The administrator account does not work, it says i the name and password is wrong(I never put a password on it). and my other account says its disabled. I need to know how to fix this problem. I tried safe mode and i get the same problem so i cant log in to safe mode.
  13. I'm keeping up on it as well, that is hilarious. The yankees get a new billion dollar stadium and they've been getting blown out by Cleveland in it. I don't really have a favorite baseball team, but if i had to say i would say the cubs.
  14. yeah i did that, nothing happens. normally when i do that the lights will flicker notifying me that its connecting, but the 3 lights just stay on.
  15. Guess what, i have another problem. This time its my wireless mouse and keyboard not working. I have a logitech ex110 wireless combo. The reciever shows 3 lights all the time, even when the PC is shut down. I have the same problem when i connect it to my PS3. that leads my to conclude that there is a problem with the receiver itself. Right now i have a mouse and keyboard connected to my PC using the ps-2 ports. I have replaced the batteries, updated all the software. In the device manager it only shows the ps-2 mouse and keyboards. so the computer is not recognizing it at all. Hopefully this is an easy fix.
  16. I got my cd drive working. All i did was switched cables. I went back to my old cable. Everything seems to be working just fine now.
  17. well my cd drive doesn't work. that might of helped me about 8 hours ago. i could of used the cd to get all the drivers.
  18. I don't know what the hell i did. but it seems to work. i was playing around with the drivers and i must of did something right. thanks for your help guys. p.s. theres another problem but ill try it myself before i start a new thread for that one
  19. i already have linux installed. Its a good OS, i just wish all the .exe files would work easily. I did a system restore back to about a month ago, and still the same problem. When i go to "network connections" there is nothing there. there should be something there.
  20. A non-activated copy of windows should not affect the network connection. Because the connection does not work with linux either. Edited per JH2688
  21. I forgot i have dual boot with linux. so i switch to linux. it works just fine, but i still do not have an internet connection.
  22. well i put my new MB in. and for some reason i have to reactivate windows. but i do not have an internet connection to be able to do that.
  23. I updated the driver and the ?other devices is not there anymore. but i still cannot get any connection. When i boot windows normally i have to reactivate windows, but i cannot do that because i have no internet connection. So the farthest i can go is to the log in screen.
  24. i've been trying to use the cd to update everything, but i cant get the cd drive to work in safe mode. in the device manager there one with a question mark, it looks like this: ? other devices ? Ethernet controller
  25. everything is set for normal start up. everything is checkmarked aswell.
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