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  1. I live in the Huntsville, AL area and starting on Friday the 31st I have had an issue where occasionally I will get what looks like some background noise on my screen which at the lower channels is hardly noticeable but when I go up to the higher channels it's very noticeable. When this problem occurs it also affects my internet. When it first started it would happen for only a couple of minutes and my modem would reset, however lately it doesnt reset my modem, it just becomes very laggy, although a few times the lag is hardly noticeable. The last couple of days when I have reported this problem they have checked the signal to my modem while the problem is occuring and can't seem to find a problem. I don't have a digital cable box so they can't check that side of it, but when this problem happens, the unencrypted digital channels my HDTV can pick up go completely out. And when the problem happens it just happens, and when it stops everything immediately goes back to normal. Theres no gradual decline or improvement or degrees of severity. I have taken my TV outside and connected it directly to the coax leading from the tap and noticed the problem as well, so I know this isnt the splitters in my home. The main problem is this is happening mainly late nite, so when the technician comes out on the 9th he may not even notice the problem. Does anyone have suggestions I could tell him to look for? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have been burning songs from iTunes onto CD as audio tracks then ripping in WMP since iTunes came out. You're allowed to burn a song to CD like 10x before you can't burn it anymore. This method does work and you really don't get much quality loss.
  3. OK here's something interesting I've noticed the last cpl of days.
  4. Restarting the modem has no affect, even comcast tells you not too do it. They claim its a DNS server problem but I was thinking upgrades since it's the exact same time when it does happen. The thing that gets me is why lie about it. Comcast has lousy customer service and they just keep getting worse. If they would just say they are upgrading that would be great, but to say that there is a DNS server problem every time this happens makes them look incompetent and will drive customers away. As for the 6Mbps package, at least here it is 60 as well, the 4Mbps package is 50.
  5. At least 4 times I know of the last 2 weeks at the same time every nite, the service goes out for the most part.
  6. Wait, it can get into negative numbers?
  7. Usually this is caused when your Tempory Internet files folder is full.
  8. I have a Motorola SB5100 and I understand most things about it. My signal page looks like this: Downstream
  9. This past weekend on Friday I started experiencing massive packet loss and then I started experiencing unusual drops in signal strength.
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