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  1. Try these NetStumbler tool should do the trick to find most within the spec limits of your receive antenna of course: http://www.netstumbler.com http://www.netstumbler.org http://www.stumbler.net Useful info abvout the app: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetStumbler http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/tutorials/article.php/3589131 Have fun and bust the neighbors if they are leeching your signal for free surfing ect.. Peace, Azag
  2. You make a good point and I unfortunately overlooked the date posted. Back then anti-spyware apps and info where less noticed and much less sophisticated and most users (average ones) didn't realize the need for such programs. Besides that I doubt highly that during that time an anti-virus would pick up things like Comet Cursor or Bonzi Buddy. I suppose I jumped the gun on that one due to my oversite. My bad. Hell back then most ppl had no idea Gator pop-up install was spying on them so yea this was a common occurance. Glad most people see this crap for what it is now or at least more people are staying informed. Later all. Peace, Azag ---------------------------------- My Site: VXCHAOS File Server [link deleted] Edit by RTB: Can't allow such links to be posted I'm afraid, because of the warez and worse stuff. Huge collection though.
  3. Agreed it is pretty silly to install these well know ad-ware/spyware/malware programs. Does this dude even run any anti-virus or anti-spyware??! Damn even a lame anti-spyware proggie will pick up these pieces of crap! Bet this dude is riddled with infections. I just got to assume this and other articles on the site are a joke but even so this was funny as hell to read thanks for posting it I got a great laugh. Great submission this made my day. Knoppix live linux CD is nice and works well in conjunction with VMware while still running windows as long as you have enough RAM in your system. Unfortunately the hard part is that some of these live linux distros need better support for various ethernet cards and can be a pain to figure out a work around but I got my wireless card to get recognized on a LAN with a little effort and it's worth it. Just a heads up search some support forums if you get problems setting up your internet connection for it an other live linux CD distros. Personally I like some of the other more "hacker" like and forensics stylized custom distros like Whoppix and some other good ones such as: Auditor, Morphix, Sentry CD (linux firewall), Haking 9 Live, PHLAK, Redwall, and HoneyWall ( an IDS: don't remember but I think this one isn't live but could be useful in you have an older computer laying around not being used - this could server as a line of defense for your for your critical online connected computers to hide behind. Hardware firewalls/IDS can be nice. This might slow your computer behind it to be a bit slower though. Sadly I haven't tested it yet but plan too sometime soon but it looks thorough and I've heard good things.) Peace all, Azag *PS: Uh oh ...gotta go I hear sirens they must be coming for my old AMD! Help!!! Arrgghh!!!! Noooo not the taser!
  4. I just had to drop by to say this is the best post I've read hear in a long time and the funniest. This made my day! I think I might go pluck my eyes out now for the hell of it ...hey I read some where in a blog that ripping your eyes out cures headaches. Weeeee! I think I'll go try it. :haha: Next I think I will jam a big heap of thermite in my CD-ROM drive to see if I can go 5200X read speed so I can paly those darn StarForce rootkit'd games faster adn maybe burn up the rootkit/backdoor thingy hahahaha! Damn now if I could just see where the drive is...hmmm...I'll have to feel around I guess oh well.
  5. I have used BrainWave Generator alot and it's a nice product. I have it on my site in fact. But you could also get it from the company as trial download which only has nag-ware pop-up notice after time expires but still works exactly the same plus the nice thing is you can design your own files and its damn simple to use all around.
  6. Great find MYRIAGON. Glad to know there is a mirror as I had know idea until you found and pointed it out. His site to me is an invaluable resource. Again nice work.
  7. I visit astalavista.box.sk and pick up serials/keygens/cracks from all those nasty trojan packed spyware ridden sites and never get infected or worry about it but than again I'm using Kaspersky and it always picks up the infections and I've never needed to second guess it but I do double check my system sometimes and even though the rest of my secondary AV software misses all the trojan downloaders and other crap KAV did not... ever thus far. And the same goes for downloads from P2P software such as Limewire, Bearshare, ect. or even mIRC, KAV always caught the viruses,trojans and worms.. As far as Norton System Works goes it's a nice collection of bells and whistles with cool looking interfaces which only serve to eat your systems resources like a vacuum while providing many useless bits of info which most people never need . Why not try SiSoftware Sandra Pro 2005 or better yet Everest Home Edition (which is freeware and eats the least resources). But I might add that avast seems to be an up and coming AV and has some impressive awards under it's belt, but this is not to say Virus Bulletin is totally unbiased since they don't seem to give such a rigorous run through the gauntlet as people think and they have handed Norton awards right and left as well, for some strange reason, which alludes me. I could make a virus or worm undetected by Norton AV in a matter of minutes through some simple modifications but if when I tested the same modded virus against KAV it usually catches it and that to me is kind of sad. I've done this before for testing the true abilities and strengths or weaknesses of AV software and some results were shocking, even to me.
  8. organ_shifter sounds pretty fast to me considering your hard drive sizes and the fact that you have a kick ass PC to begin with doesn't hurt either as I recall from reading about your setup a while ago. And if you can update once an hour than they must have integrated those updates_x (quick ass definitions fresh out of the oven so to speak ) which is sweet. Probably take a little longer on my system do to the fact that I have like a few hundred thousand infected files to scan that are safely archived (but only about 50,000 unique ... I have multiple copies of some as backup and I need to do some organizing). Also I have only 1GHz AMD and 512MB SDRAM and 3 HD's (60GB, 40GB, 80GB external and just bought a 300GB but not installed or setup yet) but less space to scan than yours. Still from what you have said you sold me on updating to new version and it sounds like they made even more improvement than I expected so thanks for heads up. Now I feel more confident to use this one to stay uninfected and sort my "zoo collection". OK virus collecting is a weird hobby admittedly but I never infect or condone malicious use of such dangerous software I just find it fascinating and like to research what makes them tick that and live dangerously a bit. But hey, don't try this a home kids unless your will to risk all your data and no what the heck your doing...well you all get the idea. Anyhow 2006 beta sounds like a solid performer to me can't wait to test it out now. I'll post back my stats and a zipped log maybe when I'm done in few days or maybe run a comparison test of old and new versions scans to see difference should be interesting as it's been a while since full system scan since I ususally do it in segments rather than whole thing but I'll try it. Sorry about all the parenthesis I am very over tired and got a migraine for 2 days but hopefully no one gets a migraine reading my post. If so I apologize in advance. Peace all, Azag
  9. organ_shifter great review and info. I hope some day the rest of the netizens will realize that accuracy is more important than scanner speed, which was pointed out very well in one of your follow up posts. Let us know if you have any bug issues with this beta but hopefully not. Glad to hear it doesn't eat to much resources but I still would be willing to make the sacrifice if needed and as I only run manual scans it wouldn't be much of a hassle. If any one gets some interesting wild samples from their antivirus please archive with zip, rar or ace and upload to my site to help my virus collection grow if anyone has the time. Gotta catch 'em all. But seriously good find and I hope more people will test this and recognize that Kaspersky makes the most superior av software to date. Maybe if enough people switch over the other companies will notice they have to move to higher standards with their software instead of sending more on PR work and ads they might start focusing on research and development. I might start testing this newer version myself soon just to see the added improvements. Btw can you use updates_x (special bases many per day) when you run the av updater (I'm assuming yes hopefully). Also can you edit the list of update servers and the URLs for each one as I can with KAV Personal Pro v4.5.095 just curious if you can let me know if possible if anyone has checked this. Thanks. And again nice post.
  10. Well every here has the right idea with advice and in any case if no luck yet try this... Boot into Safe Mode as said then turn off System Restore (on all Drives) before next step. Most likely your not really infected. The virus is still on your system but it's dormant. Goto My Computer-->Control Panel--->Folder Options-->View (Tab on top)-->then you'll see Advanced settings in middle of box now scroll down to Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)-->now uncheck box-->click OK to close and save settings. Now simply go to path and delete file manually from where you said it was in RecyclerS-whatever numbers . If it deletes then it is permanently gone now Reboot and go Turn On System Restore again on all drives and recheck the box in Folder Options to hide operating system files if u you like. And rescan machine with a real Anti-Virus or on-line one if you wish. I reccomend Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro whether it's a trial or full version. But if what I said don't work then you are infected and the virus is locked in memory and probably would come back anyway from an auto-start method on registry or win.ini or elsewhere. But in any case don't panic yet and reformat because this can be fixed. But please report back if you had any luck with this or other suggested methods before you do anything drastic. Like I said chances are you are not infected if it's in Recycling Bin ... C:Recycler... (folder) unless this is it's mode of hiding by design which is possible as I have seen that too but it is not probable/likely for most viruses or worms. Btw what is the name of the virus that PitStop told you it was. This would help us or me help you alot more easily to clean it manually since I clean systems all the time believe me it seems to you worse than it really is so relax. Email me if you still need help if you want. Good luck. Peace, Azag
  11. Okay sorry about that. I must have had to much coffee.
  12. It looks like I used some periods here and there at the end of sentences. Sorry if I am to long winded for you to comprehend. Maybe try RIF program after all "Reading Is Fundamental." I will try to use less big words and dumb it down for you next time. :haha: I was a bit overtired when I posted but I think it is still pretty comprehendable. I will try to speak more slowly for you if you want. Still though, all punctuation aside what don't you understand about what I said? It's not that complicated really or at least not for most of us I hope. The bottom line simply was I wouldn't trust Microsoft to make a safe environment for P2P file sharing. That part of what I said seems easy to understand. Well whatever I'm going out to drink and your not invited.
  13. Open Ad-Aware SE on top of interface click the little cog wheel button for Ad-Aware Configuration options -->Click on Tweak button on left --> click on Scanning Engine on top of list to open tree or the + next to it--> click Run scan as backround process (Low CPU usage) ...so that there is a green checked button next to it-->next click on bottom button Proceed-->done now start your scan with options you want. If this is not exceptable try going into task manager after opening Ad-Aware and open Processes tab-->right click Ad-Aware.exe go to the bottom where it says Set Priority-> click Below Normal or Low so there is a little black dot next ot it--> close Task Manager-->run your scan close when done the next time you open Ad-aware the process priority will be back to normal so you would have to follow the mentioned steps again. Another idea instead of the previous two I mentioned would be to use Process Tamer (google for this program it's freeware) or another process manager type third party program. Note that Ad-Ad-ware screen (GUI/interface often freezes during scans in normal/default speed but this does not mean it is really frozen most of the time even when it won't respond it is still working as you can see in task manager Not Responding doesn't always mean it is completely frozen as it maybe lag and just work it self out or literally catch up to itself in time so try waiting a few minutes useless your running out of virtual memory or it is interfering with other programs causing lag and it is best to run this when your doing nothing else. Unfortunately Ad-Aware has not fixed this little annoyance/bugginess yet with any version I have used so far and I would rather use Spybot too but even that program can be sluggish during scans and laggy or unresponsive for a time but not as bad as Ad-Aware. If you have a very fast newer processor you probably wouldn't experience this problem since programs like this are often resource hogs eating CPU time and RAM and virtual memory like little piggies. But I am only running a 1GHz AMD and this happens to me too so I feel for you. Btw many AV scanners eat resources and lag you as well in similar ways. Hope this helps. Take it easy.... Peace, Azag
  14. I hope Micro$oft doesn't market it as Avalanche but actually I do and I hope the maker of Avalanche by H-Master which is an old "mail bomber" gets wind of it and sues them for using the name. Okay I doubt this would ever happen but it would be hilarious and he would never win since they have an army of lawyers on retainer. But in all seriousness I might try it if it were free but I doubt illegal file sharing/warez/ect. would last long if MS were running the show or maybe they would make an agreement with ppl like members of the RIAA to get pay outs for the more ppl the rounded up to send to jail which might work for a while and that kind of symbiosis would work in MS favor at least for a while (like reverse phishing by the "good" guys (MS and RIAA). But maybe not. I any case I don't feel torrent has anything to offer me that I don't already find from the original providing groups when something new or not yet released comes out. Dead links suck enough dead torrent links well why bother if it is a big file and the person goes offline you play the waiting game waiting for that exact file name and size for person or another perrson? with luck. I think if you want to find more try an xdcc send from mIRC or your choice of IRC script and if you know where to look you'll find more and not worry about big brother or Digital Millenium Copyright Law or RIAA coming to bite you in the ass. Just my opinon if any of these issues concern you. And good old http links work great for me to find almost anything but once in a while for some things I will fall back and try P2P clients for laughs. Well I guess the more sources the better inevitably... When it's out lets see how good it is and someone ppl try to keep us posted. Btw at 99 cents a song or even a program I would have to sell my house by now!!! "plus...no one uses bittorrent to LEGALLY get stuff...if microsoft makes this, no ones gonna use it b/c everything you dl using it would be some legal crap." - wingzero2309 Great point i wish I would have read whole thread 1st this time but I am tired. G'nite all. Peace, Azag
  15. As I recall some people talked about having success doing this with 2 cable lines and maybe a DSL and Cable combo and the thing that they used was actually a software solution called MidPoint Internet Gateway ? I have it but tried using it to teston XP Pro and it crashed but it might not had I actually had to live connections rather than one lol. Do a search on entire forum with word "Midpoint" that will tell you more. You will definately need to have to mic cards or similar hardware at the very least and follow the instructions the company provides to get it to work if it will on ur box but as I said I never gave it a fair try so maybe you will have the luck some others have claimed with it. The link is somewhere in the forum as well for the download site I believe it was an FTP to the company that worked for me to get it. Good luck in any case this would be a hell of alot cheaper than the suggested costly hardware if you don't need to pay $250 for $20-$50 dollar software license Well good luck in any case hope you find a feasible woreking route. Email me if you need the app if link to Midpoint is down...looked like comapny was on it's last legs last I checked and they had not released anything new in a long while but maybe business is better now don't know If not the software I bet it can be done with hardware. But hey I could be wrong. Peace, Azag
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