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  1. this was before they even installed my connection. the installers were having a bad time looking for my place since it is in a remote depressed location(one of the reasons i have to make do with smartbro, because it is wireless). after 2 reschedules, they still can't find it. so i called them to give exact directions. after i gave them, they said they are going to put my call on hold. that took 15 minutes. then they picked up to say they were going to put me STILL on hold, so i said "anak ng... on hold na naman??!" which they didn't reply to and just put me on hold anyway. i tell you, i looked like a fool there listening to that jingle they're playing.

    If that's the case, better go to the nearest wireless center and make a follow-up complaint. Someone from their last resort tech and true engineers will call you within 24-48 hours. They are the ones who have the power to deploy their technicians into your place.

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