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  1. just stopping by to thank everyone for their help... specially to coolbuster2007 you deserve the monthly P999 we're paying smart... or at least a portion of it.hehehe just need help for one last thing... anyone knows how to change base station and going pass the "system change was detected" error? again... my great thanks to all of you
  2. followed all the steps... one problem though, after being redirected and logging in, i get the message "system change was detected". 1. anyone knows how to get pass through this error w/o calling *1888? 2. let's say i change my base station and ask help from smart's csr for assistance... after they fix my connection, would they revert me back to my original color code? 3. would smart know i've been manually tweaking my canopy? great thanks to all those who could help us.
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