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  1. why no bayanDSL i'm a former smartbro user and I can say I'm one of the lucky ones having a download speed of 50kb/s now I use cheapest bayanDSL package bundled with my phone and I get download speed of 90kb/s
  2. ^^ mga Sir, and Mam I already figured out why I'm having slow downloading speed I'm using firewall pala when I disabled my firewall my download speed went up tp 70++kb/s btw, im using bayandsl, not smartbro but i still have my smartbro on my other computer. hehe
  3. ^^ In addition, when I do a speedtest at www.speedtest.com my DL is 700++kbps but when I do a speedtest at www.speedguide.net my DL is 50++kbps. Also when I do a speedtest here in testmy.net I sometimes get 400++kbps, sometimes 50++kbps. I have no problem with web browsing
  4. Hi, I have a very fast website browsing speed but when I stream videos it's so slow. Is there something wrong? Can I do something about it?
  5. can smartbro users use globelines's DNS? and is Open DNS the best DNS server? is TreeWalk DNS also good?
  6. another question: Can you change the assigned IP address? If No, ok, If Yes, how? also, Is it ok to change the assigned IP address? (is it legal etc.?) thank you
  7. Hi! OT question lang po when I check my IP address on websites it says my IP address is 125.60.***.*** but when I check my IP address on cmd /ipconfig it says 192.168.***.** why is that? thank you very much note: the * sign are numbers. hehe ayoko lang isiwalat IP ko
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