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  1. how come my host is smartbro.net and yours is like 186.166??
  2. guys i already used all ip's in the configuration but still i cant access my canopy...can you tell me the problem??
  3. my smartbro connection is toooo slow i cant even watch youtube movies...im using bitdefender security suite 2008..maybe ill just reformat my pc..
  4. guys i did all what the tutorial says but still i cant access my canopy...please help..
  5. my connection very slow...and its fluctuating sometimes up sometimes down..
  6. what do you mean by color code?? if my lan card is the problem I guess I dont have connection at all...maybe your right but Im doubtful.
  7. Hello guys I have this problem.. My connection is fluctuating how to get rid of this?? And also sometimes I don't have connection. Do you think that my computer is the problem or the smart bro connection?? I already called the customer service and they help me but still it didn't still solve my problem.. when I "ping" it says no lost but how come my connection is fluctuating?? Can you help me solve this one?? my house is half kilometer from the smart bro tower...
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