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  1. thnx for the reply.. ive bought another router to solve the case..
  2. ive veen using my router for about a year, but last week the pole of the antenna was broken, the tech support came to our house and fix the connection but afterwards when i connect to the router, i cant browse the internet. I've noticed that the WAN LED was both lighted (up and down) but before it was only the upper one.. what will i do? please help.. :cry2:
  3. in my own opinion i dont recommend using cfosspeed.. i doesnt work for many computers just like mine.. cablenut tweaks may be enough.. when ive used cfosspeed i got slower until my computer didnt recognize my lancard.. so i have used the windows system restore to make it normal again.. you should try system restore kenowarr and just use cablenut tweaks and proxies like proxy.smartbro.net.ph
  4. as of now im contented with my speed by just using proxies.
  5. yeay!! good mornin' everyone. After an hour or more of reading this thread from the beginning.. i' ve learned a lot.. including the flames one thing i can say bout this is.. the proxy servers really really helps..
  6. @Extreme Fusion very well said... ^___^ @cool buster very well said too.. haha cant say anything though.. i hope bvirus can find a reasonable speed for what he pays for
  7. i didn't do any tweakings on my connection its just that i've timed right to test my connection at its bursting speed. sometimes i got connections as low 100+ kbps especially during afternoon.. and maybe im very near from my base station. ive tried the tweaks but it didn't work for me coz my canopy page is blocked. and the speed also depend on how many people are connected to your base station, the lesser the people the faster the speed. correct me if im wrong. @cool buster thanks for welcoming me. HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO. @everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR nice to meet you guys!
  8. sorry for double posting cant find the edit button a while ago.. here's my latest speed test
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