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  1. 4G's been around for quite some time now.
  2. That would be pretty much the opposite of productive.
  3. Yeah, but we need more forum traffic like way back when. Forums took a hit by the ZuckerWeb and we need to reclaim them.
  4. Wowzers, has it been a week already?
  5. Hullo? Hullo? Is this thing on???? Is there anybody in there?
  6. Sorta anyways. Not much traffic though.
  7. And then there is this test with no typical ID: https://testmy.net/db/STqQUa018
  8. This guy: https://testmy.net/quickstats/ChrisWN
  9. Bumping old thread .... Seeing a member ID of "ChrisWN" (or similar) with tests in the 250+ range. Didn't catch a link this time. Maybe the WN refers to Windstream Net?
  10. Are you talking about your Speed Test results here? You know there's a history stored here by User Id, right?
  11. Always fails for me in SeaMonkey. Could be an add-on I guess, but I'm not deleting them for a speed test. I have to use IE to get any results.
  12. Hadn't even thought of that until I started typing, so I decided to try it. Sure enough with that USB cable unplugged, everything shuts down. Not sure I'm wild about that kind of bleed through, but at least it's all on a UPS to protect from surges somewhat.
  13. Gateway NV7921U, Win7 HP After a shut down, an attached USB notebook light and cooler fan remain partially on, but not completely. The light dims and the fan slows. This is with the AC cord attached. If I unplug the AC cord and go to battery, the cooler fan dies, but the light remains on, though even dimmer. The notebook itself appears to shut down fully. The only external power that remains applied, is to two USB EHDs via a powered 10 port USB hub, Could there be enough power feeding back from those?
  14. The two tests today were just that. The first was wireless, the second was with the LAN cable connected. There isn't usually that much difference so there may have been some issues with the wireless today. I'm wondering more about the 'city average' indicator. I'm usually some two digit percentage below the city average, never a four digit percentage above.
  15. TID https://testmy.net/db/0XULIx75&framed=1&framed2=1&framed3=1 I'm guessing it's determined by IP address, but why an average so slow? And how can one test be 2005% faster? Also, I can't see what city that's referring to. WS routinely lists me in a city hundreds of miles from where I am. Or at least that's what shows on pages that display a city based on your IP address like some of the search, news and weather websites.
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