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  1. i was planning to subscribe to smartbro but when i read this, i thought "NEVERMIND". btw, have you heard about sun cellular's broadband wireless offer?
  2. wow!! it's been a while. at this rate, i'd say oct 27...
  3. Thanks a lot for these links!!! These will definitely help a lot. I'll run over them and see what I can do.
  4. Hi, I'm new here and I'm not much knowledgeable with computers. I just want to know if my internet connection can still run faster. If yes, what do I have to do? Here are the specs: internet conn.-mydestiny cable advertised speed-100mbps pc-1gb ram intel dual core 1.8ghz btw im here in mandaluyong,i believe the location may have something to do about the speed. thank you!
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