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  1. so does arraignment is a old fashion in law. its like comparing a 286 to a i9 technology.
  2. smuth


    :idiot2: :idiot2: American way was dismantled successfully within 8 years my boy. trust my ass on it.
  3. smuth


    i was following these since the three founders got nabbed. http://www.gmanews.tv/story/169472/pirate-bay-challenging-dutch-court-ruling We sent our support and videos of encouragement/protests in the forum. lol. It is inhuman you know, its a crime against humanity. If these lawyers will send 1,000,000,000 children very very unhappy.
  4. smuth


    thats too low, why not go being a traffic violation officer :police:than being a lawyer. once its on the internet it impossible to stop spreading. ex. bluetooth, infrared, wifi, internet, anyone who owns a cd/dvd writer could produce 100000000 of it, oh hell till the writer broke.
  5. good it wasnt far from the one i did while ago :haha: :haha:
  6. pls give me the link wher you found the picture. sorry me bad english
  7. @zalternate pal do you have more details how to set that thing up. that one with the dish. does that really help?
  8. try DL Spybot(freestuff) but powerful enough. its on the top list of CNET download section. its free dude.
  9. smuth


    :buck2: what? im gonna marry bush? what im going to do? what im going to doooo?>??
  10. smuth


    ayt theres an uncharted black van knocking outside my gate. i thought its gonna be an scorpion with hellfires hahahahahhhahaaaaahahaaa
  11. smuth


    thats not how technology works. so keep your law with you and i will break even law of physics
  12. smuth


    yeah yeah as far as i could remember i read something in the TIME mag, hollywood suggested to techies to invent CD/DVDs something like "disposables". you know, play it then pufff goes the CD/DVD into smoke, but the techies replied something "go f***k urself stupid moron"
  13. smuth


    oh no my utorrent stat says 500GB. you think its enough to get me real busted if they get my HD.
  14. smuth


    it aint my job to pay. hhahahahahahaaaa not even taxes :evil6:
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