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  1. hi... also did try testing my connection at 2wire.com and gave me 21.62 Mbps result: http://www.2wire.com/bandwidth/results.php?Kbps=22140.5&downloadtime=1.11&KB=3000&recorded=1
  2. hi sorry for my first post, my bad... newbie here... im glad i did found this site and forum... it's very informative and it helped my smartbro connection a lot... i just followed the tweaking guide on the first page and before i found this site i was already using sg tcp optimizer... im about to try cablenut after i do some research on it... i was just wondering if my download speed is just normal or there might be some glitch of some sort on the results, im quite surprised that i had excellent and very fast tests results after i did the tweaking... any insights? much appreciated...
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